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Datunda, 04 Melona, 12731 T (Tapani calendar) = 1008:07:04 RR (Ruusan Reformation calendar)

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In every “what if” that is considered, there is that one moment where the initial story, the original one diverges to lead to parts unknown. This is no different in “Star Wars: Shards”. In this story, that one moment comes at the end of Star Wars Episode 1, where the noble Qui-Gon Jinn falls to a fatal stab wound from the lightstaff of Darth Maul … or did he?


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …


Following those immortal words comes a story about honor, betrayal, exploration and adventure. Set primarily in the Star Wars universe, this campaign is meshed in with other classic Science Fiction and “Pulp” settings where appropriate. Set in and around the Tapani Sector, Shards of Honor challenges any and all players. Evil … the Dark Side among other names from thousands of species … walk across the galaxy.


It will take heroes to restore balance. Those few willing stand against the evil of the Dark Side, and restore peace and justice.


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