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A Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game (WEG/D6) game In the world of Star Wars: Shards
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17th Aug 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 16: The Secret of the Bloodsmith Raiders

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20th Jul 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 14: The Station that Spurned History

Now, after braving the threats of Monorik-12, contesting with the energy crystal mines below the colony, dealing with the burrowing Yowu and their infectious bite, then finally braving the Bloodsmith Raiders themselves and rescued the captives and a little bit more ...   The true danger begins ...

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22nd Jun 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 13, Assault on the Mining Moon

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8th Jun 2019

Chapter 12: A Private kind of War

Captain Nalina Kanarek takes her leave of the crew and returns to her ship the Ice Needle. The Raider ship pulls away from the Banana Republic, just to the edge of long-range sensors. Weapons her stowed, the Ice Needle maintains a steady motion among the debris of the battlefield.   At the edge of the Banana Republic's sensors, a large shape enters the edge of the sensor envelope. Six and a half times larger than the Banana Republic, the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser-shaped ship glides between clouds of debris in a parallel course to the Republic and the Ice Needle. It's at that moment Rushlight feels another soft chill through the Winds. The sensation originates from the unknown ship itself.   Meanwhile, a cloud of debris falls into Monorik's upper atmosphere. The high winds and caustic chemicals make quick work of the smaller pieces. But the bulk of the debris simply vanishes into the clouds ...

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25th May 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 11 "Aftermath"

As Alon Paul Thoulieu departed the castle, the galaxy stopped holding its breath. A weight had been lifted and the chaos of the moment crashed down on anyone inside the Palace of Glass...

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11th May 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 10

With the sedated five survivors of the mysterious experiment and a half-transformed Countess, the heroes race away from the secret hospital installation on the Black Isle. With them is the Cardinal du Pliess , Inspector Landis Grimes and medical data detailing the mysterious 'transformation plague' ... that is linked to Silar Mins and his accomplices.   They know they have to reach Dr. Wontag in his clinic to get the survivors any hope of help. Ahead of them lies the city of Calais, still under martial law.   And ... Silar Mins who may be at the Palace of Glass at this very minute.   Provided they survive the sudden barrage of shoulder-fired concussion missiles ...

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2nd Mar 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 9

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16th Feb 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 8

2nd Feb 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 7

Somewhere in Calais, Dizzy regains consciousness with a hard jolt. In a holding cell, she can tell that she's being moved either by ground or aircar. Still armored, she has her suit's electronics. Unfortunately, her comlink is being jammed. Worse, her deece isn't in the cell with her.   Meanwhile, not far from the construction site, Rushlight and Greelo are racing to help Iwa. Sirens from Mechis authority race overhead, while locals get out of the way. They see Iwa a block ahead, when both men smell a faint whiff of thermite from a thermal detonator.   At the same moment Iwa watches the pistol in the twi'lek-human girl's hand jump as it belches out blaster fire in a wild arc towards her, Chakar, Enzio and several other people who happened to be passing by.

5th Jan 2019

Episode 2.08: Chapter 6

Emergency services aircars shot past the repulsor train on their way to LANCET HEIGHTS in the MIDLAND DISTRICT. The red flashing lights reflected against the transparasteel windows of the train car. It was the only excitement in an otherwise quiet trip back to the Banana Republic's shuttle.   Inspector Grimes was already waiting when the others arrived. Hatch unlocked, the group gathered inside before the Inspector produced a signal jammer to block and potential eavesdropping by the Mists. A blue aura around the device signaled that it was safe to talk.   Grimes outlined with a bit more detail what he found in the Lumière District. The droid assault happened with no warning, and the attacking droids - much like what happened in port - were public servant models. The few security droids were unaffected. The Lightning Guard has already taken the evidence but a good friend among them let slip to Grimes that a small insect-like droid inserted a virus into the rogue droids.   The same situation as what happened at Port St. Pardoux. Then Grimes produces a holovid from his datapad.   It was a security recording during the droid attack. No sooner had the attack started than Countess de Beaufort and her bodyguard grabbed weapons and participated in the fight to subdue the droids. Seconds after they help, two unconscious defense forces troopers leap up and stun the Countess and her bodyguard. They deposit both in an aircar and race away from the scene.   Grimes starts to say something but is interrupted by a chime at the shuttle's outer hatch ...

22nd Dec 2018

Episode 2.08: Chapter 5

No one else visited the cargo shuttle by the time Inspector Grimes and Monk had arrived. Once the pair were inside, Rushlight wasted no time in locking the hatch behind them to settle for the night. The shuttle wasn't spacious, but it was secure and quiet.   On the far side of CALAIS, in the inner city called the LUMIÈRE DISTRICT, explosions shatter the night. Droids shed their restraining bolts and turn on their masters. Packs of mutant HEXAPARDUS leopard creatures rush from hiding along LANCET STREET in the MIDLANDS DISTRICT. Carabiners hit the assault head-on with the Mechis Lightning Guard and Mechis Defense Forces.   Then the droids shut down with no warning. Hexapardus mutants retreat into the maze of Midlands District alleys. Wounded are rushed to med-centers and the missing are counted. Nobles blame the RED SPARROW. The citizenry blames the nobles. Tempers rise across Calais like steam from plascrete.   As the orange-red sun rises, the Lightning Guard continue their hunt for those responsible. Their only lead is a partial security feed from an attack on the old DeWilde Cannery and Processing in the Midlands the night before. The very place that was discovered a lab that created the hexapardus creatures.

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Hypothetically, this is a major campaign which contains smaller compaigns.


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