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Chentavari Plex

One of many key transit and communication stations, or 'plexes', built during the height of the Kwa-Aw'akeen Alliance, Chentavari Plex is one of the few that survived the 30,000 years since the Alliance fell to aggressors.   The plex is a collection of massive, yet smaller, stations. Together they form a structure that, unlike typical stations which are primarily horizontal or vertical, follows principals of molecular geometry. Each of the smaller stations forms the "atoms" of the structure. The 'bonds' are reinforced tube collections that are a massive transportation system between each smaller station.


Chentavari Plex is comprised of primarily quandium steel woven with titanium fiber tubes. Energy transmission is done through quartz-mexalite crystal that pulled into thin fiber strands that wind through the structure like a nervous system.
Orbital, Station
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