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12731, 11th of Telona

My grandson is where!

by Iwa

Inspector Grimes and I hop into the aircar to escort the ambulance. Suddenly there are incoming concussion grenades! I manage to dodge the first round and then I see several armored guys using jet packs and a variety of weapons all around us. I check with Grimes to see if he thinks he can shoot at the Gear Grinders while I do a flyby. He adjusts his weapons and adds a barrel to it and I gun the engines and bank to the left and swoop around the ambulance while Grimes fires. He has a three-shot burst now and manages to take out one and hit two others. I see the ambulance behind me speed up and head straight towards one of the Gear Grinders. It "runs" the guy over and then there is a bus coming in behind us with more people in it. Greelo works on driving around the shots and I dodge them, but a couple pings the hull. Then the odd weapon we couldn't immediately identify fires and it is a phaser cannon. A green light slides in front of the aircar and it feels and smells like it takes a layer of metal from the bottom of my vehicle. I look over at Grimes and confirm that the weapon is illegal on this planet and we make a wild plan to swoop around and take him out - and any other that get in our way.
Grimes fires one burst and hits the phaser cannon dude center chest. Sadly, the cannon is on auto-fire and hits the bottom hull of my aircar. A nice hole between me, Grimes, and the Cardinal - who is still comatose. Then the back of the bus opens and there is another HUGE weapon pointed towards us. I dodge the first two rounds of firepower from the bus and yell at Dizzy for a plan to either fight or flee. I fly straight and two shots bracket the aircar. Grimes suggests a plan to modify the radio on the aircar and jam the weapon. It requires me to get close to the bus and then slam on the brakes. I bank around manage to send one of the Gear Grinders spinning. While I am swooping around, Grimes plays with the wiring and then turns one dial to the max and I can see their weapons glowing blue and they are trying to get rid of their weapons before they explode. They don't succeed. I congratulate their idiocy and then see the ambulance take a nosedive below the bus.
We see one of the guys pull out a backpack of thermal detonators. I remember the force glove and aim it at the backpack to pull as many pins as I can. I get more than one and we watch as he forgets about dropping a thermal on the ambulance and dives for the backpack and tosses it out the window. It flies outward and then explodes. I turn the aircar so the bottom is facing the epicenter of the blast and the aircar holds together barely, but it does lose a paint job. I can't see the bus or its inhabitants anymore, but there are five more Gear Grinders coming up behind us. We are ten seconds away from being able to dive into the subway and safety. Or it would be if there weren't riot police and weapons in front of us.
Grimes let me know that the phaser cannon behind us will be in range before we can reach the relative safety of the sewer. I aim for the opening and then the engines die with lots of smoke billowing out. I open the comms and beg for help from whomever for me as their Goddess. No answer. I check with Grimes to see if I am getting out and he tells me to try again. I do and suddenly there is a thump on the hull above me and there is the Red Sparrow. He suggests I use the repulsors when he says, "NOW!" and manage to get the nose up when he fires a device that turns the aircar and then in front of me is a huge patch of crash foam. I and the ambulance land and then we get everyone out. Surprisingly, the Red Sparrow is my hairdresser. Now that is a warranty!
We get the people out of the ambulance and I talk for a minute to the Red Sparrow and he feels that the problem here is a problem with the government itself. The crown has to be behind the problem and is actually probably the problem. Once that is fixed, he will go back to being just a hairdresser - and then he fluffs my fur. Then we are under fire. The shots miss me, but the Red Sparrow is hit in the shoulder. I grab for him as he falls and notice that the shoulder is wires and the face is just an organic shell. I ask what he is and he flips a switch and a familiar voice comes out as D5K7 responds, "I am just here to help mistress."
The Red Sparrow covers his injury as Greelo fires a grenade arrow to knock out the Lightning Guard. We grab gurneys and dive into the culvert. The entrance is then sprayed with the foam and he opens his backpack and there is a veritable treasure trove of weapons and chemistry supplies. Grimes discovers why he has been known as the Warlord and then we hightail it for the hospital while Dizzy proposes a plan to move then entire hospital into the basement of the palace - where no one would even think to look for them.
As we get closer to where the hospital is located we see smoke in the sewer, smell burnt electronics, and then see the door to the hospital is shredded open. Dizzy gives the countess an assignment to go find Monk and Doc Fuzzy goes to help. Greelo starts trying to figure out when this happened. I contact Chakarr and find out he took Dizzy's boy-toy, the lab techs, and the research Rushlight requested to the ship. The Doctor, Monk, and the girl refused to come as Monk was in mid-treatment. I need to give her a nice oil bath after this is all over.
I hear a hum and see movement in the direction of the next lab and begin to meander that way when Dizzy comes over the comm and suggests that we are being attacked by a stabby, killer robot. Suddenly something shoots out of the dark and I manage to grab it, but it is fighting me. I can't actually hold it as there is a repulsor field around it. Dizzy drops beside me and I almost drop the thing, but then her glove grabs the other half. An arrow pops up and fires some kind of power into the dart. Rushlight tells us that he has it so Dizzy and I drop it and haul ass to find out who fired it, but I trip on a lab coat and fall. Noki walks up and informs us that it was the Dread Lords working with the Mysts. She also managed to put a tracker on one of them. She turns over the cobbled together device to follow the tracker to me.
While the two doctors are working on the patients, Dizzy and I decide to scout ahead and find a quick, clear path to the basement of the palace. Dizzy takes a quick moment to give an update to the Countess since she is the one who will be signing the paycheck this week. We spread out on what we determine is the best path to the palace to check. It is eerily quiet and we find out why when we find yet another destroyed building and street. Dizzy monologues about the sadness of the trouble and why a revolution is bad for business and then Cole Peck steps out of the shadows and agrees with her. He brings a package from his employer and Dizzy listens to a message from her mom. Dizzy interprets that message to be we need to go "capture" Silar Mins now. I agree with her and ask where he is. She turns and asks Cole and he tells us he is in the palace and gives us blueprints.
We agree that the best idea is to first go back to the hospital and gather all of them that are there and move them to the basement. We get back to the hospital and Dizzy hands the second package Cole gave her to the Cardinal. He opens a 3D map that shows all of the various tunnels underground. He also indicates that he knows of a secret way into the palace dungeon. Monk will need two more hours, but Dizzy suggests that the doc find an exoskeleton that can hold Monk and his bacta tank while he completes the process so we can move out. We start out using the path we had scouted. Once we get past the point we had scouted, the Cardinal takes over in directing our path and we get to a section that has obviously not been entered in a while. Then the Cardinal moves forward and finds the secret entrance.
We move into the area and there is an underground lake with plasma torches lighting in front of us. We split into three groups; I have Grimes, McKennon, Monk, Noki, and two of the patients. Doc Fuzzy has the Countess, the Cardinal, the doctor and two of the patients and Greelo has Dizzy, one patient, the Red Sparrow. We fire up the boats and head across the lake towards shelter and safety of some kind. There is a shape flowing through the water. It then rears out of the water and looks around. It has a head that is fifteen feet across, but it is a pet of the Cardinal. We reach the other shore.
There is a stone staircase and a freight turbolift to go up to the torture chambers which we all agree that should be the best place to leave the doctor and patients. When we get upstairs we find a bacta tank in the middle of five tunnels. Grimes and the Red Sparrow take one tunnel to check out while Dizzy, Greelo, and I check out the others. There seems to be nothing - not even dust - except for a vine that is growing down the wall and into a crack in the floor and heading towards the lake.
Dizzy finds something and requests suggestions on how to proceed. I suggest that she walks up the stairs, stopping every five steps to check in. If she does not hear us then she is to attempt to backtrack. We are all heading towards where she is. When we arrive at the bottom of the stairs we look around and try to 'talk' with the vines and then Dizzy comes back down. She and Greelo walk back up together with Doc Fuzzy and I following. We are all at the top of the stairs and Greelo uses an arrow to open the door since neither of them wants to stick their hand and arm into the opening to turn the switch. We go through the open door into what looks like a wine cellar. When we approach the door it slides open, but we need to make sure we can get back through when we return. Rushlight wedges something into the door and then Dizzy contacts Grimes to get him set up in the cellar for backup. We head on to find Silar Mins.
We hear footsteps coming and step back into the passageway to observe. There are three of them that are on a casual patrol but are walking in lockstep. They pass and we move out when Dizzy starts running. Greelo says he can smell squib so he and Rushlight head that way and I follow Dizzy to be her back up. We hear a voice over the comms from the guys, but Dizzy refuses to go back. We are in the servant's hallways and get to the end where they pick up trays of food to deliver. Voices are approaching us and we watch as the emperor removes his face. He has with him a younger Conte and a squib. I convince Dizzy to not shoot and instead, we listen to see what happens next. We hear the squib mention that he needs another DNA sample and walks to a door on the other side. Inside there is a Kaminoan woman (Dizzy's mom) and an older female version of the emperor that is attached to vines. The squib is not nice to the women and gets a blood sample. He reenters the room and walks over to his case. The others are impatiently waiting for him to finish a new mask so he can continue to impersonate the emperor. I look at Dizzy and say, "Time to shoot!".
Dizzy stuns the false emperor and the squib on her first shot, but Conte has one of those knives and is able to use it to split the stun beam. When Dizzy takes her second shot, I run for the door on the other wall and enter to see a stunned woman and an almost dying woman. Dizzy's mom goes to introduce the vine woman but suggests that she introduces herself. A holographic image of Zallara appears. She explains that she was poisoned and the plants on this planet transfer electricity. Since they are attached to her, she has been able to project a hologram that was able to interact with us and others. I suggest she pop down to the doctor in the torture chamber and explain her health situation to him to see if he can help save her. She leaves and I turn to Mar Jani who asks me to hand her a datapad. I ask her why she was helping the squib and she said she was being blackmailed. Dizzy hollers from the other room to ask if it was Carmen. Mar Jani agrees and then uses the datapad to destroy the computer system. We move into the room with Dizzy just as she lands a ladylike kick to Conte. She then breaks his arms and stuns the other two again to make sure they stay down. I walk back into the other room to see if the empress has gotten any information from the doctor and happen to see my grandson's name pop up on the monitor. I request Mar Jani to come back and she explains that the list of names is for 'samples' that have been taken to Chalcedon for testing. I tell Dizzy that we need to wrap it up now and head to Chalcedon.
Over the comms comes a request for me to go and intimidate someone. I stomp over to where the guys are and do a really fine wookie roar. He turns to me and his eyes go black. He recognizes me and re-introduces himself as Alon Paul Thoulieu who had a yacht and offered us a ride before. We turned it down then and I have no desire to take any deal he offers now. He leaves and I return to where Dizzy is.

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