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Sun 6th Jan 2019 03:15

Gilded Rose

by Iwa

We ride back to the ship with no further action. The Inspector fills us in on what he has learned and hands over a datapad that shows footage of the countess is being kidnapped by the lightening guard. We start to theorize as to what is going on, but there is a knock at the hatch and Rushlight answers. It is a lightening guard for Greelo with a job. The job is to evaluate an attack that occurred on the planet with a trick arrow. He agrees to the job and the guard leaves. While Greelo and Dizzy play with the pad and decide what to tell the lightening guard, I do a repair job on Chakarr since she did such a wonderful job saving my life. I get her motherboard tacked back and reboot her system. All that is left to do is to weld her casing back together. Suddenly Chakarr lets out an inhuman scream and I tell her to slow down. Slowly she relaxes and realizes that she is okay and I am okay and that we are safe. I then ask her, at Dizzy's behest, to check the traffic cameras to see if there are any areas that stand out as being unusual or empty. She finds one around the same area as the attack yesterday. They seem to center around a construction site and a restaurant: The Gilded Rose. I contact D5K4 and request him to track the various incidents happening to droids to see if there is a pattern. He will borrow a map from his bosses, finish his job, input the data into the map, and then bring the map by after work.
We all take the local train to the area of the construction site. While we are in the train, Dizzy and Greelo get Chakarr to do some more research and we see that Enzio is responsible for abducting the Countess. We get off the train and split up; Rushlight and I head to the restaurant, Greelo heads into the construction site, and Dizzy plants herself in the middle of everything to watch. Just before we enter the restaurant, Rushlight gets a call from Mordecai who wants a favor returned. They discuss it and Dizzy - who has been listening to the call over my comms, wanders over and talks with Mordecai too. Once that is finished, we enter the restaurant.
The first thing that I see is TREES, glorious trees. Granted they are holo, but I haven't seen a tree in entirely too long. We get a table close to the view, and Rushlight orders a meal for us. I get a calm butter ale and a dish that he had tried previously that he said was delicious, but he wanted something more "fun". I watch the waiters making and bringing over Rushlight's drink and suddenly notice that there is a friendly conversation with an old nemesis, Cole Peck. I contact Greelo to track him as he leaves the restaurant and try to question the waiter about the incident yesterday. No new information and then Greelo chimes in with the message that Dizzy is missing.
I go to the door and can't see her, but I do see a girl who is intently watching what Greelo is doing. She notices me and darts away. She is half Twilek and has HAIR. I catch up to her and track her and she is about to get onto a hover train. I decide to grab the girl before she gets on the train - just in case I am not as sneaky as I thought and she is on to me. I do the "Rushlight maneuver" and try to corral her, but she keeps getting away. Must be the twilek in her! We end up in a really interesting park and I can tell she is either going to head for an alley or the sewer. I try to head her off from the sewer and send Chakarr to keep her out of the alley.
Behind her Enzio steps out of the shadows and the girl whirls around, declares she isn't going to be taken by the Mists or their master, and does some blood magic to pull a blaster out of thin air. She fires.............

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