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Sun 3rd Mar 2019 06:04

Agressive spying

by Iwa

______ is still in a coma with Monk watching over her. We discuss various plans and objectives and decide that we need to investigate the hospital where the Lightning Guard is keeping various 'sick' patients. Doc Fuzzy concocts some medication to make him appear dead for three to twelve hours. He prepares the shot and attempts to give it to Dizzy. She declines and I give him the shot and he 'dies'. Chakarr brings over a hover bed and we load him up and start out. The doctor of the facility checks with us as we are leaving and indicates that they think they can reverse what happened to Monk. We leave and the plan is for droids will carry the 'body' of the doctor into the morgue while we hang out close to the door and wait for him to give us access to the hospital. Since we have at least three hours, we will go and get the things to make me look like a bounty hunter and Dizzy like a native female. We exit the sewers and are in a wash, we head right and get to spacer's row while noticing that there are checkpoints in the streets above. People are either presenting an ID card or being scanned. We get to a shopping outlet for cheap things and see Jar's Outfitters which has a helmet in the window. We head over and there are two suits of armor that looks like it would fit me. One is almost exactly like the armor in that stupid card that Doc Fuzzy held up to us when he was consulting the cards this morning. We approach the proprietor and attempt to spin a story and act like we want the other set of armor and that we will settle for the other set which is Falleen and will probably do a great job of disguising me. He wants more money than we are willing to pay and we decide to leave. Then he attempts to make a deal - he will charge us less for the armor if we go steal a dagger for him from a local religious group - the Dread Lords - for a customer of his. Dizzy and I discuss it and decide that we do NOT need yet another thing to do on this planet and walk out to check the next store.
The Jaded Hurdlic Trade Post was our next stop. Dizzy comes out with a crazy story to explain why we need the armor and somehow, it involves me wearing ruffles at her wedding??!?! She starts bouncing around the store and finding various pieces and parts while talking about her wedding to anyone and everyone. She finds a Rhodian arm piece that fires plasma flechettes, a nice heavy helmet, and the hurlig brings a nice chest plate from the back. All we need now is an undersuit and some leg greaves. We find a nice flight suit under armor, but it costs way more than we have. I pull the whole "it's her wedding, a girl only gets married once, have a heart" routine and he pulls out an actual Jedi Knight suit of armor. He has been trying to sell it, but no buyers so he is willing to let it go for only 500 credits. We pile it all up and pay the total of 1325 credits and head out the door. We head over to the public refresher and we get the armor on and now I look like a Jedi. We grab a bite to eat and head to meet Doc Fuzzy.
After we wait outside the hospital for around three hours which means that Doc Fuzzy is late!, I contact Chakarr and discover that the hospital where we are waiting is NOT the hospital where Doc Fuzzy was taken by the droids. I tell Dizzy and she contacts Grimes to see if there is any way he can help us. We arrange to meet him on the top floor of a parking garage next to the hospital. He joins us in an aircar and we head towards the Cardinal. The Red Sparrow melts out of the shadows to assist us with the meeting. He jumps over the side of the building, tosses some grenades and gets all of the Lightning Guard out of the way. We three rush into the church and enter the Cardinal's study to convince him to join with us. He grabs a force pike, puts on his state robes, and follows us. We head back to the aircar and head towards the hospital where Doc Fuzzy should be.
On the way, I discuss either politics or religion with the Cardinal - not sure which it was, but I can't determine whether he is a good guy or a bad guy. Dizzy suggests we see how he handles the upcoming fight. He attempts to get information from us, but we aren't giving him any leeway. He offers the name of the person who is ordering around Silar Mins aka The Collector for just five minutes with him. We finally land on this island with a large military complex with a half-domed building that is identified as the hospital. We determine a plan of attack; Grimes will stay with the air car and put up a jamming signal to keep the hospital from contacting the complex but allows us to talk to each other, Dizzy will launch a grenade at the pharmaceutical entrance, the Cardinal will follow her, and I will bring up the rear.
The grenade goes off and we rush the entrance. There is some fire from a couple of Lightning Guard, but Dizzy takes care of it. As soon as the Cardinal enters, he starts yelling about the church of the force this and lady Jedi that. I swirl in and tell them all to drop their weapons in the name of the force. Dizzy stuns the group immediately in front of us, and they start firing back at us. My armor takes a hit and the Cardinal tells me to "brush it off". I do and the guard who shot at me looks startled and takes a step back. The Cardinal hands me a glowing ball and tells me to crush it. I do and it flows onto my hand. He tells me to flourish my hand towards the guard and when I do, there is a reaction from him that looks like he has been punched. He falls. The guard beside him calls for help.
More guards arrive and they fire at us. One shot hits Dizzy, one hits me - I brush it off - and one shot goes towards the Cardinal, but he sidesteps it and flicks it towards the ceiling. I try to use that force punch thingy again, but the guard sees what I am doing and dives behind a metal wall. The punch hits the wall instead and bows in. Dizzy heads over towards a desk and shoots as does the Cardinal. They both hit.
Suddenly a mist is in front of us and he attempts to attack the Cardinal. He dodges and I attempt to punch the Lieutenant in the face. Hey, that was the guy that came to our ship! I miss as he goes invisible, but I am sure that he is behind me and I kick backward and spin to hit him in the face again. He is attacking me at the same time and we just miss each other. Dizzy disarms one of the guards and though blocked by the second guard, she uses the momentum to kick the third guard. The Cardinal spins around with the force pike and steps up beside me and clips the edge of the Lieutenant's shoulder with his force pike.
Another shot comes at me and stuns me and then the Lieutenant punches me and I slump to the floor. I see Dizzy attacking and not necessarily getting anywhere. I jump to my feet while at the same time kicking the Lieutenant and knocking him off balance. The Cardinal steps in and slams the force pike down - pinning the cloak of our Myst warrior. He spins his own force pike around and breaks the Cardinal's force pike and sends the Cardinal to the floor. I pull out my bowcaster and fire point blank at the Myst guy and the bolt blasts him. I then go over and punch him in the face to make sure he is unconscious and grab a med pack to help the Cardinal. Suddenly the shields start slamming down on all of the doors and windows.
The next thing I know is that Rushlight is in the room with five unconscious people and the Countess - as a Catwoman?? She and Dizzy start bamboozling to get information. I check on the Cardinal and he is better but needs serious medical attention. I contact Grimes and he isn't really surprised about the unconscious people. He says the air car can't handle that many people and recommends we grab another vehicle. I check the hospital computer and see where there is a vehicle right outside the door on our way back to Grimes. We can load all of the unconscious onto that and I can fly that vehicle and follow the air car back to land. The countess and I begin loading the unconscious into the nearby vehicle while Dizzy and Rushlight head to the morgue to avenge my droid followers.
We head back toward's the doctor with more patients and hopefully - answers.

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