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Month 4, day 15, year 12731

Me mad. Need to kill things.

by Iwa

We dock with the station. I am ready to charge forward, send a transmission, do SOMETHING in order to find my grandson. Rushlight attempts to talk reason and we slow down in order to find out the best way to proceed. Each word makes me more and more unhappy, but then Dizzy advises me that squibs smell using their fur. So I take a detour to the galley and come back with a container or sage which I dump all over him while I hold him still. Then I go over to the sensors and do a general sensor scan. There are several different domes that are a variety of ecosystems and 15 of the Bloodsmith pirate ships that are working in the area opposite of us on the station.
I ask Zandra if she could backtrace the message we received from my grandson. She isn't sure but will check with her techs. Dizzy suggests that Rushlight ties in his medical sensors to the station sensors in order to look for my grandson. Rushlight says someone is looking. We all gear up and head for the airlock so we can go onto the station and begin looking for trouble - I mean my grandson. We enter the tunnel and it is high with dim lights. We split into two groups. I have one of the Aw'akeen field tech commandos, Segeer, Dizzy's mom, Mar Jani, and Greelo working with me to search the forest half of the dome.
We head out towards the forest and see charging stations and decorative archways as we enter an artificial trail that becomes actual in about a meter. There are lanterns with glow pods that are actually alive. In the distance, there are huge trees with roots the size of my leg with vines abounding. That path wanders a bit so that it appears natural - or what appears natural here. We reach an area that looks maintained and it has a few natural paths going from it. We can see large indentions in the ground that are fairly wide apart. It looks like an Acklay . Mar Jani has seen them before. Segeer informs us that this was a zoo and that there was a wide variety of species. We hurry past the Acklay intersection and find more trails until we get further and find a stream. The bridge over the stream appears to be have been damaged by Acklay. Then we see a gray cloud about five foot by ten foot in area to our left that is floating downstream towards us. Probably a tenticulon. Since they are not predators, but still not friendly we decided to get across the stream. Greelo climbs a tree, fires a grappling arrow to the other side and we slide across. I take Mar Jani on my back since it has been a while and we need to keep Dizzy's mom safe.
Mar Jani slides off to the branch beside me and then Greelo fires an arrow towards the ground and hundreds of vine snakes are below us. We continue traveling through the trees and see ahead three tentacle birds which are pacing us. Past them we see double doors leading out of this madness. The doors are a bit stiff, but they open. We can see the other team down the hall and I wookie speak "We'll be back for you" so their pet Acklay will not follow us. We join up with the other team and walk through the last section of the dome. We get to the edge and see that there is empty space with nothing but a forcefield tube filled with speeder cars to get us to the other side. We hop into a car, buckle up, Dizzy takes the wheel, and we zip along the energy line. We get a call from my grandson! Apparently, they are under attack from Reavers. He is about to give us his location when Dizzy interrupts and tells her sister to do spherical coordinates. We land and head towards them while they head towards us. - running.
We are in a more urban setting though it is obviously aged with canals and fountains and tall buildings all around us. We see a fountain ahead of us and hear shouting and then we can see Reavers and my GRANDSON! Dizzy takes charge to set our plan of action. Greelo is to put the group on our right into nets and I will hurt them. Instead, Greelo fires an explosive grenade which kills one, puts two on fire and they head towards us, and the last two are knocked back. I shoot my bowcaster at one and miss, but manage to tear open his backpack. Five thermal detonators fall out and Doc Fuzzy steps up and tks them to himself. Then there is a shot which hits Doc Fuzzy and burns my fur. Then a creature pops out of a door in front of us and sends Chakarr flying. I see red. He attacks me, but it only adds to my rage.
He takes another swing at me and makes my lip bleed. I take his arm off, but before I can toss it into the water it grabs my face. I rip it off of me and drop it in the water though it takes some of my fur and then I punch him. Sadly he dodges. He hits me again and I stumble back making more than a few rude gestures. Then Doc Fuzzy is in front of me so I pick him up and toss him straight at my attacker. I then step forward and punch they cyborg in the face. He takes it, but I can tell he is hurt. He punches me straight in the chest and I hurt. Something might be broken, but I don't care cause I am sick and tired of being distracted, frustrated, and being so close to my grandson and unable to reach him. I hit him again and he doesn't dodge, but he has to be hurt. I try to hit him again and he stumbles over and somehow manages to turn on two of the thermal dets, but he is down. I see movement to my left and turn, pick up a reaver and toss him into the three behind him. He bites me and I get a cold chill somewhere deep inside my soul.
I am surrounded by fog, but I can see shapes moving around and I hit in reaction. I hear bones crack which feels good. I hit again and hear a metallic scream of pain. Suddenly I hear a horrible noise coming from over there somewhere and I start stumbling towards it so I can make it stop. I have a syringe in my shoulder and then I am falling. Is that Rushlight?
I wake up and I hurt all over. My arm hurts really bad. Everyone seems to be worried about it so we go to the hospital and they put me into a bacta bed. They give me the details of the fight and the various things that I need to know. Then the doc knocked me out (100, 99, 98......) so he could fix me up.

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