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Sun 3rd Feb 2019 05:07

Noki - friend or foe

by Iwa

And of course, she immediately starts firing the blaster in a random arc. I tell Enzio to wait, Charkarr to start getting the bystanders out of the way, and jump over the blaster fire to land behind her and grab her. She ducks down and jumps into the hole in the air. Enzio tosses three spheres and they set off a smoke screen. One of them land in the hole and there is a muffled shriek - probably from the girl. I decide to reach into the 'hole' and grab the girl. My vision is still a bit blurry, but I touch something that feels like her vest. I grab hold and then feel a hand between my shoulder blades and feel a prick as a needle jabs me. Suddenly the world around me is underwater and I am dragged backwards - still holding the vest. The girl is unconscious and I am not far behind her. Enzio says something about her being a witness and he needs her more than I do and he tries to jerk her away. I pull her back towards me and use my other hand to get a firmer grip. Enzio tries to convince me to let her go and then she wakes up and starts to struggle out of her vest. I tell her to stop and trust me and that is when he makes the mistake of questioning my honor. I offer him the choice of trusting me or dying. He wisely chooses to trust me. I refuse to make any sort of deal and he releases the girl. I try to get answers, but of course he disappears.
I hear Dizzy asking for help and swing the girl onto my back, tell Chakarr to follow, and head into the smoke to help Dizzy. I find her about the same time as Greelo. He puts her mask on and I help her reach the ground. Then Greelo cuts off the repulsor she had on and we all head out of the smoke. She wants a shower and also something cheerful to wear. Greelo finds a hotel and, as we are heading that way, I stop by a shop: "Three sheets to the wind" and get a lovely, bright blood orange sheet for Dizzy. She trades her gun for the sheet and then she wraps it around her. We start across the bridge between us and the hotel. Suddenly, there are guys behind us. I use her gun to fire at one of the guys and miss, but I do manage to set a bush on fire for a distraction. Dizzy takes the girl and heads towards the hotel. OUCH!!! I got hit by a blaster shot from behind me. When I turn around, I see the girl diving into another one of her holes. I tell Dizzy that she can just jump in or reach in and grab her. She ignores that and rushes off to engage the enemy.
I turn and fire at the same guy again and miss again. I am really starting to get upset. Chakarr rushes back and uses shock rods to attack the bad guys. I fire a third time and manage to stun the last bad guy and Chakarr switches over to start shocking him. Rushlight gets up and I see that Monk is all trussed up and about to fall over the edge of the bridge. I pull him back into safety and Greelo releases the bolo from him. We walk on to the hotel which is obviously very high class and discreet. We get to our room and food is ordered. Dizzy and Monk go to clean-up and I sit down to have a discussion with the girl - Noki. She is sulking and doesn't trust us - well, anyone. I just keep talking and asking questions until she finally gives up and gives some answers.
Her parents were killed by droids while trying to protect her from being changed. They attempted to change her into one of those cat creatures anyway, but it didn't take and she was put into an orphanage where she learns some magic - for lack of a better word. Chakarr logs in to the planetary database and starts to verify her story. She continues by telling us she was out of school one day and observed two people being taken by the Myst. She has been hiding and on the run since. I told her to go get cleaned up and she does. I do the same.
Mmmmmm, pizza. Greelo gets back and we start compiling information so that we can figure out what we have to do next. We determine that Noki's parents had actually found a cure to the cat disease and were killed because of that. Noki knows where their notes are and that is part of why everyone is after her. After Rushlight spirit walked through her previous day, he found at that the butcher guy that was working with the Myst. We decide to take the night off to eat, sleep, and refresh our gear. Tomorrow morning we will start at the butcher's shop. Then a message comes in from one of Greelo's contacts: a bounty on a pilot named Crookshanks.
While they are deciding how to respond to that, Noki has been watching something out the window and then walks very quickly AWAY from the window. We immediately begin prepping for an assault. I ask Chakarr to contact the hotel droids to encourage them to not help the bad guys coming in. He responds that they are all busy because there is someone downstairs being arrested - the Lightning Guard is assisting us to ensure that we have a quiet night. Rushlight requests that we all go to the ballroom so he could put a bubble of invisibility around us and we can walk straight out. We begin to filter out, but a Lightning Gaurd is in the hallway.

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