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Month 4, day 13-15, year 12731

Into the gas giant

by Iwa

I received a reply from my family that tells me that my grandson was stolen by Mogud Klegg, a notorious pirate. He, along with notes on the ruins in the mountains of Kashyyyk, and other offworlders have disappeared. While my first impulse is to dive in with lasers blasting and get my grandson back from wherever he might be, I have to help my companions to help those we have already saved so they can receive the cure Doc Fuzzy has - oh, and figure out if he is on the gas giant we are orbiting. I wait for the last transport ship with pilot Cenvex Etowa and Zandra to ensure that we have everyone off the moon and on the way to the Banana Republic. Suddenly, our transport ship is being attacked by Reavers. Reavers again? What is it with this group?
I see the Reaver ship on the starboard side get hit by a shot from the Banana Republic and in response, all of the hatches pop and Reavers begin pouring out of the ship in some sort of power suits and they are heading our way. I quickly switch over the shields to be a repulsor field and wait. While I am waiting I glance at the ship on the port side and the other ship doesn't appear to be getting ready to fire on us, but there is a strange yellow glow to their weapons. I look back just in time to see the Reavers bounce off of our shields and float away into the silent vastness of space. I just hope that was everyone on that ship.
Zandra approaches and asks if she can help and I request her to take the ion cannon and do her best to destroy the manueverability of the Reaver ship on the port side. My plan is to have the two Reaver ships to collide with each other as we drop between them. I have Cenvex switch the shields back on and get ready to drop the ship. I hop into the twin heavy laser cannons and rise up and sight the next closest Reaver ship which is close to the Banana Republic and I fire at it, trusting those with me to handle our current situation.
I manage to hit the aft quarter and the ship implodes and heads straight towards the Banana Republic. Fortunately, someone from the ship takes it out before it hits. With that ship out of commission, I turn to fire on the ship on our port side in tandem with Zandra. She hits, but I only do a glancing blow and now there are defunct tie ships floating in our path. I holler at Cenvex to do his best with a "Sorry, not sorry!" I tell him to hurry through the debris field and dock with the ship so we can combine resources. I suddenly notice some sensor pulses from three different directions and a new batch of Reaver ships activate. I shoot towards the closest area just to see if I can get a reaction and I hit it - whatever it is. About the size of an A-wing, but no cockpit. It is cylindrical with tiny orbiting spheres, but then the jamming field goes back up. I check with the others, but no one was looking in the correct area. I tell them about what I suspect.
Dizzy starts shooting straight up from the Banana Republic and is hitting some sort of drone thing. I contact the crew to ask whether it would be better for me to dock, help Dizzy shoot the drone, or take out one of those sensors. Dizzy suggests a sensor so I have Cenvex fly towards the closet one while I turn around to target. We all hear growls from the survivors. I ask Zandra and Cenvex if we could maybe flood those compartments with a knock-out agent. They think so and I fire managing to explode the device. Then there are incoming hyperspace signatures from so many areas and the Spartan Imperium is in the house! Zandra is startled and scared because the other aliens that are with the Spartan Imperium are the ancient enemies of her race bent on destruction. She is ready to flee now.
Then we pick up a distress signal from the gas giant and it is my grandson and what sounds like Dizzy's sister. I ask Cenvex to connect Banana Republic so they can hear it and then I dump the mess into their lap to decide what we are doing about the whole death feud. Dizzy agrees that I and Zandra should dock with the Leviathan with Dizzy and her mom. We land within seconds of each other and disembark. We share information and discover a corridor on the gas giant leading to a habitation. That has to be where my grandson is!
Dizzy contacts Shree and the Banana Republic follows us into the corridor. No reaction from the Spartan Imperium or their allies. We rest, eat, and take a deep breather for the next two days that it takes to get to the gas giant. We enter the corridor and can see other paths that we could follow, but we stay on the path to get us to the coordinates from the distress call. We find a giant space station inside a natural bubble inside the gas giant. Zandra recognizes it as something that had been built by her people in the past as a transit portal called a plexus. We have found The Plex!

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