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Month 4, day 13, year 12731


by Iwa

The night sister leaves and hands me a note as she walks out. "It's obvious you are the one in charge here. If ever you need a change from the boys, look me up." I just laugh and head to the dock to check my ship out and then suit up to help Dizzy to check out the hull of the Banana Republic. Charkarr is fine, though a bit shook up. My ship is missing a few panels and has some score marks around. I check with Dizzy and we agree that I should fix the Redwood first before I help her to evaluate the damage to the ship. I head down to the maintenance bay to grab the parts I need. I get my ship repaired and head out to help Dizzy check out the ship. Meanwhile, a huge ship has dropped into the system and is just sitting there. Greelo takes scans of it while Dizzy and I work on repairs.
She has me look over the engines, but there is no damage there. I move on to the aft airlock and it is damaged. Like, the door is not attached and I quickly fix that. I check in with Dizzy and we have handled all of the necessary repairs. She is going to complete her quick circuit to make sure we have no stowaways. I head in, un-suit, take off for the bridge and have Pilot begin to take us around the gas giant so that I can do some scans on Monorat 12 which probably has the base where my grandson is. As we move, the huge ship follows us - staying exactly 179 meters from us which is just far enough away that we cannot do scans. Then from the gas giant appears another ship. I do a quick search scan on it and find that it is a custom modified transport ship. There are four lifeforms aboard with laser cannons, turbo cannons, and standard laser cannons.
Doc Fuzzy hails the huge ship and makes an alliance. They are on the way to meet with us. I go to the hanger to await our guests with Morticia and Doc Fuzzy. A squid-like ship enters the bay and a humanoid figure walks out that does look like a droid but is more human in appearance and actions. Rushlight introduces everyone - including Vader. We begin to talk and head for the galley to be more comfortable. It turns out that they have had people taken as well with the difference that their people are dissected while ours are modified and turned into weapons.
They agree to help with our repairs and I go to get on my armor to prep for the boarding party. The living robot seems to have an issue with the other ship that is coming out of the gas giant and wants us to assist them in the boarding action. I take the opportunity to contact that ship and check on their intentions. The individual that answers the hail is a human but has droid-like eyes. I talk and find out that they are a mining team and have been diving on the gas giant for profit. They have completed their work and are headed for Calcedon. I make a snap decision and warn them to get the hell out of dodge. I tell them I will drag out things long enough to give them a chance to escape. I have Chakarr to turn off the encryption and get into my armor.
I meet up with Dizzy and Greelo at the aft airlock, though Doc Fuzzy had snipped my hair in passing and I will probably put cayenne pepper in his sands later on. We all get ready and make a plan to split up our forces. I and Greelo will take the Redwood while Dizzy and Rushlight will go on the alien ship to get to the other ship to board and fight. While sharing information, Dizzy remembers the Isadora connection and storms off to the galley to discuss the situation with the droid person. Rushlight goes with her and I tag along behind and prop in the doorway. Dizzy starts her fast talking to get the original transmission.
The upshot of it is that the ship coming out of the gas giant is a smuggler that works with the blood smiths. They are working with the group that has my grandson and it appears that another of my grandchildren might also be missing. I send a quick message off to home to see what is going on. Apparently, the blood smiths are cutting up the droid people and then taking the pieces parts into their own bodies. This would explain the droid eyes that the human had on the other ship - maybe I made a mistake in informing them of the coming attack.
Rushlight and I get on the alien ship, while Greelo and Dizzy take Vader over to the ship. Dizzy gets there first and starts talking about the mind control creatures in order to get us into the ship. They say nice try, but they were warned about the attack already and are prepared. Suddenly we are surrounded by small, ship-like attackers who then turn into humanoid shapes that are too small to target and are able to take out engines and blow up the shuttle engines of the ship we are set to attack. Zandra does a scan and discovers that they have vented the atmosphere of the compartment that houses their secondary engines to hide the fact that they are still trying to run.
We get a transmission from Dizzy showing her on the ship. We see what she is doing and when our ship lands, we begin checking out the rest of the ship starting with the cargo holds. The first one is completely powered down and has nothing in it. We move on to the next one and decide that maybe we should power on one of the computer consoles to check the cells to see the history of them. Greelo and Rushlight change places so the doc can do examinations and Greelo can hack the computers. Greelo is working on trying to do something when the power comes back up. I ask Zandra if she had discovered what she was looking for and she says yes and mentions how the technology around us is just like her allies from years and years ago. I ask who and she mentions the Kwa which Greelo has heard of. They were an ancient race that explored the universe and was not universally liked. We decide we have learned all that we can from the cargo holds and move on to the cockpit to discuss things with the smugglers.
One of the 'troopers' reports to Zandra and when I ask a question shows us a hologram of the Calcedon system and a spatial anomaly that is very close to the planet itself. We then move on to the cockpit and answers - we hope. Rushlight comes over the comms and requests Zandra's presence in the cockpit. I respond to let him know we are on our way. As we enter the cockpit I see the one I spoke to on the comms and go straight to him and do the full Wookie roar. He cringes and the others tell me what parts I have to leave on his body. He talks and we find out that there are Wookie captives and many others at the moon base. We decide that Rushlight will take the captives back to the Banana Republic and the rest of us will head to the moon.

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