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Month 4, day 13, year 12731

Reavers - AGAIN?!?!?

by Iwa

We are having a meeting in a side chamber at the palace deciding who will do what so we can get off the ground and on the way to save my grandson. The countess walks in and pays her bill and I check to verify that the Banana Republic is ready for flight. The door opens again and Monk, I mean the emperor walks in with Noki. She will apparently be part of his new royal guard. The lightening guard will go back to the care of the church and helping the Cardinal. The Emperor then asks us to search for some of his people that, according to Silar Mins, have been taken to Chalcedon the same as my grandson.
I leave the group and head to the dock to check on the ship and the various droids on the planet that I know. Chakarr rolls up when I arrive. I check in to see how she is doing first. She has managed to get all of the wounded taken care of, refueled the shuttle, and got all of the minor repairs done. She also set up a system to make sure the droids on this planet are taken care of and can't be used again - except in the proper manner of course. I also check in to see if she has heard from Morticia and she explains that Morticia has chosen to remain in her droid form. Chakarr isn't sure why entirely, but apparently Morticia has the ability to "ride" other droids and control their actions and see through their eyes. I share that information with the others and then have Chakarr take me around all of the repairs and changes so that I can applaud her work.
I see Dizzy approach and then turn immediately around and head off. I contact her and she says that she has to go get her fiancee first. Her mom walks out of the shuttle and we talk a while about Dizzy/Dolores/Spitfire. Everyone returns to the shuttle and we FINALLY get off this planet and begin to wend our way to Chalcedon and my grandson.
We enter the system and klaxons go off. "Just once can't we enter a system that just wishes us a pleasant stay??" I check out the porthole and it looks like there was a battle here in the recent past. Lots of debris is around us and Rushlight and Greelo start discussing how much money there is just sitting here. Then Rushlight hollars, "OH hell no! That's ours," as a ship swims up from the debris and begins netting debris - including an emergency pod. Over the comms come the comment that the ship is owned by the Night Sisters - an evil group that loves to torture their victims. Rushlight and Dizzy start firing while I run to my shuttle to get into space and take the fight to them.
I get into the air and tell Chakarr to focus on maneuvering while I try to take out gun emplacements. I fire at the first one and I take out one mini turbo laser - seven more to go. I shoot again, but suddenly the ship does a hyperspace jump within the system and is RIGHT on top of me. Chakarr is screaming and I can almost see my ship twist from the effects of the jump in-system. My shot hits but bounces off the shields. I see a photon torpedo hit the Banana Republic. I hyperdrive through the Night Sister ship and then feel a cold chill. Behind me, a Reaver ship appears. An actual Reaver ship that is bigger than the Night Sister's ship. I contact the Banana Republic to inform them and suggest that they fire on the Reaver ship and make it look like the Night Sister's fired on them while I make a run to the ship and dock on. I have an incoming call from Dizzy that tells me about some drop marines that are hanging around the ship.
Then Chakarr is in a panic because a spare hyperdrive is trying to attach to us and is chasing us across the system. I drop back and fly tight around the Night Sister ship and see that the hyperdrive switches its programming to their ship. It also looks like the hyperdrive is repairing itself, but that can't be true. Then the Reavers fire a special weapon that is an ion ray that is as big as my ship. It misses me, but the backwash of the ray is enough to take out my shields. Then my engines go down and I am hurtling towards the Banana Republic with only repulsor engines to keep me from ramming it. I manage to use those engines enough to slow me down. As I enter the docking bay, I see Greelo and a Night Sister that are doing a dance to either get her safely on the ship or him off the ship. I'm not sure which. I ask him if he is trying to keep her or get rid of her and volunteer to help, but he feels that I don't have enough engine control to truly assist. I leave him to it and dock.
I hear Greelo discussing things with the Night Sister captain. Then there is an explosion and Greelo leaves me with the captain. I am to take her to the "lounge" where Rushlight has just dropped off some of the beer that he had just picked up. We talk a bit about events in the system. Based upon what she says, my grandson and the others we are looking for might be under the control of these Blood Smith Pirates on Monorac 12. There is a bit of excitement when Dizzy announces that a runner is loose. The captain and I agree that this is an interesting ship and crew. Greelo finally returns to talk events. She shares more information and a video that shows human mutants. I suggest turning her over to the Jedi and the boys shout me down citing honor. Rushlight arrives and gives her the details about the puppet master creatures as well. Dizzy and I refuse to enter into an agreement with the Night Sisters, so Rushlight gives her a cure. She returns the favor with footage of a freighter disappearing into the gas giant.
She contacts her ship to get them to pick her up and after she is gone, we get together to discuss the events of the day. Then Rushlight goes on one of his mind walks and he starts babbling about something alive heading for us and that we need to get out of here NOW.

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