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Atunda, Telona 16th, 12731 (4th month)


by Iwa

I wake up to see this puffy droid looking at me from the outside of a bacta tank. It asks how I feel and gives me a scale of 1 (majorly sick wookie) to 10 (joyful wookie). I tell him I am around 7 and he releases me from the tank. I stand up and Mar Jani and Rushlight walk over to check on me. I ask them what the puffy thing is and they say it is some kind of medical droid. It introduces itself as AMA-BAYMAX and tells the others that I am at a 7 on the wellness scale. I just nod and ask for verification that I am actually awake and then I request a status update as the last thing I remember is pulling the arms off of a guy or droid?? Greelo brings out the arm and shows the weapons. The BAYMAX keeps watching me and it finally tells me that it is happy with my progress. It tells me about the Reaver bite and that it appears I am immune for either the next 48 hours - or maybe forever?
Suddenly, Doc Fuzzy is in a rush and takes off spouting lots of nonsense and telling us to hurry, but he did give me a breakfast sandwich. So I am just out of the sonic shower with a towel in one hand, a sandwich in the other and I can see my go bag on the floor. What the hell? I decide to just take a minute and eat my sandwich. Then I will grab my gear and meet up with the others. Where is Chakarr? Just then Chakarr rolls up and starts a monologue about Blood Smith Pirates and what he plans to do to each of them that he finds. Dizzy contacts me over comms and tells me to set up the hospital to handle possible incoming wounded and then set up the team to meet up with them to go on the rescue mission. I leave Mar Jani, BAYMAX, my grandson taking care of the hospital and the wounded survivors. Apparently, they have been infected with some sort of mutation virus. My grandson, on the other hand, has not been infected. They have instead taken several samples of his blood and Carmen's in an attempt to create a clone - which we know they did achieve. Dizzy also recommends that fake Silar Mins be treated as a hostile and I suggest either an isolation chamber or maybe knock him out while we are gone. I then contact Segeer and invite him along on the rescue mission. He will meet me with a speeder bike.
An ambulance races by - and pops a wheelie - with Carmen in the driver seat. A second ambulance races by and Segeer transforms into a speeder bike. I hope on and Chakarr latches onto the back just before he takes off. Then there is a different person on the comm who indicates there are more combatants. Rushlight identifies them as Spartan Imperium and some strange aliens. Dizzy transmits targeting coordinates to Segeer and all I can see is a HUGE mess. We have Spartan Imperium fighting Reavers and attempting to keep the Blood Smiths from setting satchel charges to take out the tubes. I ask Segeer to jump across the bridge and land us on the other side. He at least hurts two of the alien creatures and then we land on the opposite of the bridge. I to the right of the bridge, Segeer to the left and we are both in the middle of a group of Blood Smiths. Chakarr flies straight and I am pretty sure he lands safely.
Two of the Blood Smith pirates turn to fire on me. I dodge between them and jump on the last pirate who is setting a satchel charge. I manage to land on top of him and knock the satchel open and four blocks of detonite tumble in four different directions. Two of them fall into the car in the tunnel and two slides down the sides of the tunnel and are under the car. I grab the guy around the knees to keep my balance and hold him still while I kick out with both legs to hit the guys behind me. One of them jumps back and is out of combat for a round, the second one trips over the guy I am holding and falls right beside me. I do a lovely wookie roar and he screams. Life is good.
I then try to slam the guy I have by the knees into the guy laying beside me. They both manage to get wiggle enough that I can't connect. Then the guy that took a step back opens fire and I just can't dodge so it hits me and I am stunned. I wake up to see the Blood Smith fell down beside me. We both come to at the same time and I attempt to toss him towards the other group and slip and trigger one of the cubes. We both start a fast crawl out from under the car but don't make it before the cube detonates. As we are slowly being pulled towards the vacuum of space, the car slides into and blocks the hole. It is still slowly sliding out and both I and the pirate are trapped together underneath the car. Would it be better to kill him or cooperate with him? I talk to Carmen and we decide that cooperation is the best thing to do. I talk to him for a bit and let him know that double-crossing me will result in death. I use my gauntlet and rock the hovercar which allows the pirate to wriggle free. Then instead of grabbing my shoulders, he shoots a grappling hook from his cybernetic arm and starts dragging me out from under the car. The movement of the car makes the tunnel unstable and the car starts getting closer and closer. I yell at the pirate to hurry up!
He yanks me out from under the car just before it hits the tunnel floor. We hop on top of it and then I rush the last pirate in the group and punch him with my gauntlet. He flies back and hits the wall and I - with the pirate beside me - head towards Chakarr, who has a plan with Carmen. I ask Chakarr to turn on the actual fire suppression systems and they are sporadic, but manage to tie up the Reavers for easy killing. We go across the bridge since everything on this side of the tunnel has been handled. Once we get across, we can see that the aliens are no longer hostile, but are now looking more scared and confused. I ask Chakarr to assist Jelsa with her communication efforts. Apparently, they are from the planet of Biss and might be from one of the other biomes.
Dizzy runs up and requests that I ask Chakarr to yell at the station to wake up already. Tell it to transform for travel and that it can check with Segeer in order to confirm the need to immediately vacate this area of space. Dizzy was spouting something about the station being alive and having a name. Chakarr tells me that someone - or something- responded and told her that it understood. The ship begins to change and modify around us and then it takes off into hyperspace.

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