Sat 8th Jun 2019 11:52

Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb Cereal

by Dizzy Flores

Year: 12731

Month: 4

Day: 13

Goes great in caf!
One of my functions on this crew is to make the Priority List for @82fe1bd1-09af-4da9-b4f6-c7bc3f781fc5 to review. So here we have:
# the Banana Republic has taken some damage. We need to scan systems AND visually confirm the hull is secure.
# that very very large ship gives @583ce426-3c42-4d06-9a88-b4a64ec6d957 the heebie jeebies.
# Who made all this debris? Because this was definitely a very big space battle. Was it Reavers? Creepy Whip Lady says no, but Creepy Whip Lady is not to be considered a primary citation.
# Must. Rescue. Iwa's Grandson.
# Fresh out of cupcakes.
# What's the weird thing going on in the atmosphere of gas giant Monorik? And, importantly, does it impact our mission?
So Iwa is making necessary repairs to her starfighter in case we need to fight, I am doing the hull inspection, Rushlight gave me sugar bombs cereal and is repairing the turret gun, and @159fd248-0dd2-4f68-8ee9-9327de4b1981 is going to check the debris field and the large ship to see if we're in hoodoo up to our foreheads or only up to our thighs.

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