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Private War setup

by Dizzy Flores

Year: 12731

Month: 4

Day: 13

It would be SO GREAT if we could just, you know, HAVE A PLAN as we get slowly surrounded by unknowns which might be hostile.
So. Great.
Maybe with a little more dignity than me doing my Space Floozy routine.
There's a person in the giant {sort of oversized Mon Cal} type ship. She/it/they? is trying to figure out why the _Banana Republic_ won't talk to "Birhan" or however it's spelled. Maybe they will help with our repair problems? The person talking might be named Zadra.
So we're going to have three of "them" come here to do repairs, because now we have an "alliance" or something?
I need to get ready to do a boarding action on the other unknown ship, because they are "thieves" and we have agreed with our new allies (by "we have agreed" I mean, of course, Rushlight is telling me what is going on, which I appreciate being told! but at the same time, wtf we're in an alliance with total unknowns?) that everything the thieves have taken should be taken back before the thieves get dismantled THAT SHIP IS SQUID SHAPED!!&*(#^*@%!!
no bueno
That should 100 percent be a _Jedi Quest_ thing, not a REAL LIFE thing
and these people are here because VN Ysadora told them this is where they can find that they're looking for
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, right, right. I need to prep for that boarding action on the unknown-thieves ship. I should definitely include ion attacks of some sort, I think. I have, uh, ion flares? And ... errrrrr ... lemme see if we have anything in stores. My Deece won't do anything ion-related except, maybe, the grenade launcher. Maybe.
I asked around, and my crewmates do not cop to knowing of any ion carbines in our stores. I figured probably we didn't, but it was worth checking.
So. We're going to take all our combat ready personnel, and we're all going to gear up and go with these people we don't know on a boarding action on another ship we don't know, and meanwhile these people are going to be FIXING our allegedly defenseless SHIP. While we're not on it.
Yeah, I'm liking this plan! /sarcasm

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