Telona 10th, 12731

We aren't getting shot yet!

by Dizzy Flores

Episode 2.08: Chapter 6 - Epilogue

Here we are at last at the construction site near where the unconscious Countess got shoved into an aircar by Enzio and his buddy the other kidnapper. It looks like part of what has been cordoned off is right next to The Gilded Rose restaurant.


So the question is: does Rushlight need a reservation?


Mordecai Heller wants Inspector Grimes gotten off his current case. Or else take some crates to a beach and walk away.


You know, I should send a quick message to Grimes about organized crime trying to get him taken off this case. I can do that at the same time I take a look in this roped off bit here.




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  1. tl dr version of notes for 2.08 chapter 7
    Telona 10th, 12731
  2. We aren't getting shot yet!
    Telona 10th, 12731
  4. My Leet Baking Skills
    Telona 13, 12731
  5. Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb Cereal
  6. Private War setup
  7. Private War Throwdown
  8. Buckets On
    Telona 13th, 12731
  9. Who invited them?
    Satunda, Telona 15th, 12731
  10. Powdered Sage
    Natunda, Telona 15th, 12731
  11. The Door Into Shadow
    Atunda, Telona 16th, 12731
  12. OOC: The Web of Silar Mins Postscript