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Private War Throwdown

by Dizzy Flores

Year: 12731

Month: 4

Day: 13

The Bloodsmiths blowing up the back two thirds of their ship did not help them. We figured out they were in their anti-corrosive evac suits and trying to sneak away. Greelo and I go in and secure the four magnetized pirates, and then Iwa and Rushlight come in after to check the Force Cells that take up most of the rest of the space. Zadra follows the two of them as they look through the cargo holds.
Someone will have to search the bunks, too.
We decide we have our specializations distributed wrong: Greelo goes back to join Iwa and Zadra, Rushlight comes up to join me and the prisoners.
I am not a lot of use right now, but I'm annoying!
Investigation leads to the suggestion that an ancient medical base on/near the gas giant, called something like "Shistavaran Plex" (I have to have heard that wrong!), is probably where the Bloodsmith got several of the body parts they stole. That might be where our missing people are being held?

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