Telona 13, 12731

My Leet Baking Skills

by Dizzy Flores

Year: 12731

Month: 4

Day: 13



The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 10

| May 25, 2019

  • We rescued my Mom.

  • We captured fake!Silar Mins.

  • We almost got et by Creepy Sorta Sith Lord Blood Drinking dude.

  • Iwa maybe adopted a girl who does creepy things with her knives. She is not coming with us, though. She is now setting up the replacement Emperor's Guard system for the Mechis Empire or whatever it's called.

  • I got ENGAGED to Vash the hawt bouncer at Dr. Wontag's clinic, and also I got turned down for my marriage proposal to save Grimes from Rushlight's cousin Mordecai Heller the crime guy. (None of them are coming with us.)

  • Rushlight developed some new mystic-hoodoo stunts.

  • We got /paid/!

The Emperor not-Monnk's mother the not-apothecary says that we all owe a debt according to that one Halud "Discord", which is a card that looks kind of like a tarot card, which Greelo is currently carrying around. What? We do? What debt?

Inspector Grimes did not say "yes" to my marriage proposal, which was medium-level epic. He said "maybe", which absolutely is not a "yes" which means by default that it's a "no".



I caught up with Vath thanks to some assistance from Greelo. We work out a rough plan for him to start setting up the wedding, and the honeymoon at the shooting range, and the honeymoon on the south continent on the hunting safari.

Now, once we're loaded up into the Banana Republic, we got to go rescue Iwa's grandson from whoever fake!Silar Mins was working for, which in fact turns out to be that Jack LeGrange dude whose nonsense back on Fondor got most of us introduced to each other.

We get to Chalcedon system (so we can go to one of the moons of gas giant Monorik) and there's DEBRIS and BUSTED SHIPS and a manta ray shaped vessel that shoots at some pieces and tractors onto an escape pod. Rushlight says those are Nightsister. We're shooting at them! I'll operate the Ion Cannon until we're ready for a boarding action.

Except they're not boarding. They're going for our engines.

Also. There is a giant capital ship full of Reavers. That's not okay.

What's even more Not Okay is the four Nightsisters who have boarded the ship!

When I wake up in Medbay, I am able to confirm that Rushlight and Greelo have not been mindtwisted by the Nightsisters. Greelo is going toward the Lounge to provide Iwa with backup, while Rushlight and I go check on Mar Jani and then on fake!Silar.

And in conclusion: after sending Rushlight the Holopedia entries about the Nightsisters, he starts talking about something like an "A'wakeen" and I just don't know.


Characters Interacted With:

  • assorted Nightsisters

  • assorted Reavers

  • Countess Louise de Beaufort

  • Lieutenant / Inspector Landis Grimes

  • Nalina Kanarek

  • Arthren'nis Jarl, outlaw tech, one half of "Silar Mins"

  • Gowri Jarl, outlaw tech, one half of "Silar Mins"

  • Dorad Mesfaw, formerly known as fake!Silar Mins

  • Mar Jani, my Mom, for whom I am baking cupcakes because I'm a good daughter like that

  • Monnk who is now in fact Emperor Jean Something Something

  • Noki Sunfell

  • Jangir Toth, bounty hunter, in charge of the two Squib dudes who actually invented the "Silar Mins" persona before Mesfaw started using it nefariously

  • Vath my smokin' hot Devaronian fiance

  • Dr. Wontag

  • Morticia still in not-a-shuttle form

  • Vader

  • Dizzy

  • Greelo

  • Iwa and Chakarr her personal droid

  • Rushlight

  • S'reee

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