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Noki Sunfell

A young half-twi'lek, half-human from the streets and back alleys of Calais who does odd jobs as a thief in the Calais underworld.

Physical Description

Body Features

She's a 'hybrid' or a half-human / half-twi'lek. Such a combination is uncommon but not unheard of in the galaxy. A telling sign of this dual heritage is that she does have reddish brown hair. She wears it shoulder length in a long braid that hangs between her lekku.   Her skin is a dusky-rose red color. Eyes are a bright blue.

Special abilities

She has some skill in manipulating the Force, but her skills have been taught to her by the Dreadlords.
Current Location
bright blue
Reddish, brown. Shoulder length and usually in a braid between her lekku.


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