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The Force

The Force is believed to be a mystical energy field that flows through all things in the galaxy and bind them together. Religious figures and organizations view it as a connecting energy that is the webbing that the galaxy, if not the universe, is composed of.   Many cultures and organizations have their own view of the Force. Some divide it into the 'Light' and the 'Dark'. Some view it as a 'Unifying' Force or field that connects all things, yet itself isn't inherently good or evil. Then there are those that believe the Force itself is almost a living thing, itself brought to life by the countless beings in the galaxy that are connected though this field.   No matter the details, there are those that through strong belief, a natural sensitivity to this energy, or both - where strong belief causes a sensitivity - as sensitive to the Force. These individuals are able to tap into this energy field and manipulate it to create astounding effects. They are dubbed 'Force Sensitive'.
Metaphysical, Psychic


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