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Mechis II

Mechis II is an industrial planet located in the Mechis system of the Inner Rim. Unlike its rocky neighbor, Mechis is a lush world with rich mineral deposits, vast forests and rich soil.   A peculiarity of Mechis II is that the plant life on Mechis has evolved and adapted to grow inside droids and other machinery in a symbiotic relationship.   It is also where the Mechanis Empire's capital city, Calais, is located.


The planet has a lush ecosystem of rapidly growing plant life. A highly energetic magnetic field permeates the planet. It isn't strong enough to disrupt ship systems or local electronics, it did cause the plants to develop a unique ability to transmit electricity.   Some plants even evolved to emit light when charged. These are called glowgourds and are used by the locals for food and a renewable light source.
by CB Ash

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