Chapter 10: Not-So-Much a Princess in another Castle

Star Wars - Shards of Infamy


Episode 2.08 - The Web Of Silar Mins


Chapter 10

  Sirens wail on the Black Isle as vehicles and personnel arrive from both Calais and the nearby military base. It was after that when the military forces turned on themselves.   The sole exceptions to the conflict were the aircar and stolen ambulance racing away from the columns of black smoke and blaster fire. A minute later, an almost blade thin long range assault shuttle rose from the chaos. It rose through the smoke and hesitated while the aircars retreated toward Calais.   Once the two aircars were out of sight, the shuttle blasted for the atmosphere.   Inside the ambulance, the five sedated patients - survivors of an unknown transformative virus and victims of some sort of mind control - twitched in their gurneys. Medical scans in the ambulance gave Rushlight a better picture than before. He had already discovered the organic 'slave circuit' implanted in the five victim's brains. But the virus? It was a different story.   It wasn't a virus at all, but a parasitic organism.   The DNA matched the parasitic creatures he confronted with Greelo aboard the derelict, the Westlake.   Also aboard is the Countess Louise de Beaufort, suffering the same parasitic infection but ... she is able to control it ... with her fledgling abilities to manipulate the Force.   The only chance for the survivors, perhaps even the Countess, is Dr. Wontag. The toydarian doctor who holds both the equipment and the data possibly necessary to reversing the condition.   But ahead lies Calais, a city under martial law ... and the one sentient being who seems to be at the center of it all. Silar Mins, who may, in fact, be in the Mechanis Imperial palace at that moment with the young Emperor Jean Titus Alexandre himself.   But that was before the barrage of shoulder-launched concussion missiles ...


Does a person's actions determine their life's direction, or do others choices for them determine that?




Monnk   Chakar   Inspector Landis Grimes   Noki Sunfell   Countess Louise De Beaufort


Lightning Guard   Possibly:   Silar Mins   Gear Grinders   Dreadlords   and ... really probably at least half the bounty hunters in the city.



They are running on several hours now with little sleep or rest, and a lot of combat.
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