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Chapter 7: Crossfire and Cross-Purposes

Somewhere in Calais, Dizzy regains consciousness with a hard jolt. In a holding cell, she can tell that she's being moved either by ground or aircar. Still armored, she has her suit's electronics. Unfortunately, her comlink is being jammed. Worse, her deece isn't in the cell with her.   Meanwhile, not far from the construction site, Rushlight and Greelo are racing to help Iwa. Sirens from Mechis authority race overhead, while locals get out of the way. They see Iwa a block ahead, when both men smell a faint whiff of thermite from a thermal detonator.   At the same moment Iwa watches the pistol in the twi'lek-human girl's hand jump as it belches out blaster fire in a wild arc towards her, Chakarr, Enzio and several other people who happened to be passing by.



Heart of the Lumere District, not far from Gran Vargas Park, the Gilded Rose restaurant and the new business tower near the Palace of Glass.
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