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Chapter 11: Aftermath

Star Wars - Shards of Infamy


Episode 2.08 - The Web Of Silar Mins


Chapter 11

  As Alon Paul Thoulieu departed the castle, the galaxy stopped holding its breath. A weight had been lifted and the chaos of the moment crashed down on anyone inside the Palace of Glass.   The situation in the castle took on a life of its own. Events unfolded to sweep up everyone from refugee to rescuer as what happened in the Palace of Glass - along with details around the young Emperor - leaked to the general populace in Calais.   It was like a spark touching a fuse.   The people of Calais - tired, worn, and frustrated - had enough. Their patience with the problems, the excuses, and stories all came to an end. A city of millions spoke together with a single voice and turned their undivided attention toward the nobility and the Lightning Guard.   News services called it the "12-minute war".   Meanwhile, under protective guard by the Port Authority, a medical team of Rushlight, Wontag, and Mar Jani devise a means to cure Zallara "Terrek" Alexandre of the hunter-killer venom that threatens to kill her. During those tense hours, Monnk completes his own medical procedure. Before he was the monstrous combination of shark and human. Now, he is simply the real Emperor Jean Titus Alexandre. Only with some improvements in his muscular development.   During that time, a brief search comes up with no active bounties for Silar Mins! Just a single arrest warrant ordered by Emperor "Monnk" Alexandre. Silar's accomplice - Dr. Jacque Legrange - is missing and presumed dead in the destruction of the prison in the Fondor system. But Silar's value was not in money or bounties, it was in information.   Questioning by Jangir Toth and Greelo brought the truth to the surface. Silar - actually Dorad Mesfaw - and Dr. Jacque Legrange, were creating Force resistant troopers that could be controlled by their client. Dorad and Legrange formed one end of this horrible plot, on the other two points? The Bloodsmith Raiders and Rogga the Hutt.   According to Dorad's information and records from his systems, the victims - such as Iwa's grandson and Dizzy's sister Carmen - have been taken to an old mining installation on Monorik-12, a forested moon of the caustic gas giant Monorik.


Does a person's actions determine their life's direction, or do others choices for them determine that?
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