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Chapter 12: A Private kind of a War

Star Wars - Shards of Infamy


Episode 2.08 - The Web Of Silar Mins


Chapter 12

  Captain Nalina Kanarek takes her leave of the crew and returns to her ship the Ice Needle, but not before dropping a card off in front of Iwa! Once back to her ship, the Raider pulls away from the Banana Republic, just to the edge of long-range sensors. Weapons her stowed, the Ice Needle maintains a steady motion among the debris of the battlefield.   At the edge of the Banana Republic's sensors, a large shape enters the edge of the sensor envelope. Six and a half times larger than the Banana Republic, the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser-shaped ship glides between clouds of debris in a parallel course to the Republic and the Ice Needle. It's at that moment Rushlight feels another soft chill through the Winds. The sensation originates from the unknown ship itself.   Meanwhile, a cloud of debris falls into Monorik's upper atmosphere. The high winds and caustic chemicals make quick work of the smaller pieces. But the bulk of the debris simply vanishes into the clouds ...


Does a person's actions determine their life's direction, or do others choices for them determine that?


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