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ARC Trooper Heavy Weapons Specialist

Dizzy Flores

Last Updated: August 18th, 2019

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

ARC Armor: (Red trim)

ARC Armor
Item | Feb 12, 2023


Utility Belt:
High tension wire
Grappling Hook
Ion Flares
Rations and Water packs
Vibroknife (STR+1d)
Medisensor Glove ( +2D first aid / Medicine and related skills)


Heavy Blaster Pistol (5d)
Light Repeating Blaster (5D+1)


Item | Feb 3, 2019

Mental characteristics

Personal history

One of the Kaminoan scientists named Mar Jani thought it was a little silly to raise all these diverse, specialized “clones” and not a one of them is female. Humans are sexually diverse for a reason!


So, uh, that resulted in me. One very, very unauthorized experiment. I had a full pod, but, well, things happened.

Intellectual Characteristics

Dizzy has some ideas about herself that are not necessarily accurate.
She thinks she's better at ranged combat (especially with her DC-17, wearing her armor) than she is at melee, for example.
Dizzy is very accustomed to a scenario where she is given a goal, and some mission parameters, and then she figures out how to accomplish her goal within those parameters. She functions most naturally when someone on the Banana Republic crew, probably Rushlight or Iwa, figures out what the goal is and then assigns her a role in achieving it.
The problems there are, first, that this crew is really a collection of peers, not a pseudomilitary squad; and that, second, Dizzy took her leave of absence to join the Banana Republic in the first place because she wanted to try out the life of a fully fledged, self-determining, adult-type individual. She's trying to get away from assignments that are about what's best for somebody else's goals.
And to top it off: Greelo is expert at a bounty hunter's career. Rushlight is expert at advising others on how to live their best life. Iwa is expert at forging a path through the complexities of each new day in a lifetime.
Dizzy is expert at dealing with two or more antagonistic collectives trying to overwhelm one another.
She's a former ARC, which means she has training and experience in intense combat; she's a (former?) intelligence operative, which means she has training and experience at creating, detecting, and navigating manipulative patterns which are intended to provide specific targets with a detrimental set of consequences.
Since the Banana Republic crew keeps falling into the middle of other people's antagonistic machinations, Dizzy's habit of waiting for someone else to tell her what to do is ... a problem. For everyone, if she doesn't get her head on straight soon!

Personality Characteristics


  1. Interrogate Dorad Mesfaw a.k.a. fake!Silar Mins.
  2. Bring Dorad Mesfaw to an unhappy conclusion.
  3. Save everyone else that Dorad Mesfaw has been capturing and/or mucking about with. Let My Mom Fix Them Up.
  4. Fix up Morticia.
  5. Get married several times over.
  6. My sisters ask me for relationship advice because I Am The Expert.
  7. Never grow old.
    Never retire.
    Keep on flying.


Contacts & Relations

Family Ties

"Mother" / creator: Mar Jani.
Oldest sister: Maia; other sisters, Clea, Yvette, Carmen

Religious Views

I think I'll be atheist. Yeah, that works. I don't believe in any of that mystic stuff. I'm definitely not a member of the Church of the Force, nope, nohow.


Dizzy decided, when she first was faced with choices about her personal career and future, that she was going to be one of those gals with a spouse in every port.
Therefore, she randomly proposes to one person whose skills delight her -- usually a person skilled in something Dizzy herself has no idea how to do -- at every major stopover. The proposal usually goes like this:
Dizzy: Are you currently married?
Stranger: . . . No . . . ?
Dizzy: Want to be?
That usually puts a firm end to the conversation, the encounter, the entire association, and possibly to Dizzy's welcome in that settlement.
Dizzy wants someone to think she's worth choosing, "on spec" she says. All the other sisters and several Beskar Aran and Count Razak have all told her that she c_a_n_n_o_t marry somebody she's known for less than a standard day. Most of them elaborated further, knowing how Dizzy is, that she cannot marry somebody she has known for less than a standard year.
Dizzy proposes anyway.
Eighty refusals and counting....
Dizzy also changes the last name she's using as the whim strikes her. It might be "Flores", but she has her veterans' pay go into an account for "Dizzy Anfisa", and who knows if she's a Vorysadora? Depends: what day of the week is it and who's asking and what's for supper?
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
12699 32 Years old
Current Residence
curly brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
ruddy tan
1.83m or 6'

OOC: The Web of Silar Mins Postscript

Dear GM:
  I started with 51 CP.  
  • Blaster: DC-17 spends 5 points, goes from "5D+2" to "6D+0"
  • Con (the art of LYING SO MUCH) spends 3 points, goes from "3D+1" to "3D+2"
  • Tactics spends 5 points, goes from "5D+1" to "5D+2"
  • Communications spends 4 points, goes from "4D" to "4D+1"
  • Armor Repair spends 3 points, goes from "3D+2" to "4D+0"
  I have spent a total of 20 points so I now have 31 CP.  
  • I would like to pick up the new-to-me skill of Persuasion so I spend 2 points, and add to my character sheet "Persuasion 3D+0" under my Perception attribute.
  That leaves me with 29 CP. Plenty for planning my wedding!  
  Things our characters still have on their to-do list:  
  1. Hired by Emperor Eric "Monnk" Terrek to rescue people of the Mechanis Empire. These people were stolen by Dorad Mesfaw a.k.a. fake!Silar Mins to turn into Panther Shapeshifter Slaves. We've got some of the people aboard the Banana Republic! But we may need to hunt down a few more. We won't know 'til we do a head count.
  2. We need to ACTUALLY RETURN these people to their home world of Mechis II.
  3. It is relevant to Mom Mar Jani's interests that we also undo what Dorad Mesfaw did.
  4. It is relevant to Vader's interests that we extract from Mesfaw what all happened to Morticia, so that she has the option of returning herself to a shuttle-type body.
  5. If we do not actually present the Chentavari Zoo and Conservation Station to Emperor Gregor Vortapani of the Tapani Empire, there is a non-zero chance that Dizzy Flores will not merely be yanked off her Leave of Absence in order to experience Demotions and possibly a Dishonorable Discharge, but in fact she might be put on trial for a capital crime.
  6. Which would absolutely have a negative impact on Dizzy's WEDDING
  7. We can't have a wedding unless we return to Vath's vicinity, because we can't get married via holotransmission. That would be tacky.
  8. Rushlight has been learning things about The Wind which might benefit from discussion with a learned colleague. None of us are educated in spooky action at a distance.
  9. Arrawtha and Carmen are a thing. Does Family Matriarch Iwa have things to say on this topic?
  10. Let's play a game between adventures: find, and list in a single place, all the mentions in all 3 campaigns of "Jack Legrange" a.k.a. "Jacques LeGrange" a.k.a. "Zel Gellanis" a.k.a. "Gel Rhomas" a.k.a. ????

The Door Into Shadow
Atunda, Telona 16th, 12731

Year: 12731
Month: 4
Day: 16
  Carmen and I are trying to have a nice private catch-up while on patrol of the "hospital" and grounds. She's dating Arrawtha (or something relationship-type). I am getting married to somebody WAY BETTER than that one twi'lek bounty hunter who tried to bedhop with Clea and also (once he had sobered up, which took weeks) totally flaked out of the engagement.   Rushlight is INCREDIBLY UPSET about the "Triune" person and about the need for an emergency extraction from hostile conditions.   Rushlight has run off with New Lady In Armor "Jelsa-Ker".   Greelo will go try to find an ambulance or other armored, fast transport.   Iwa, now dry and dressed, is going to reunite with Charkarr and also divide the rescuees into "staying here to provide security for the medics" and "go with us on the extraction".   Greelo actually got 2 ambulances working. Carmen jumps in one and blasts off to collect Rushlight.   When Carmen and Rushlight and Jelsa-Ker pass them, Segeer transforms into speederbike mode (!!!) and Iwa rides him (!!!!!). They go racing after Carmen's Ambulance. We're following shortly behind.   There are Spartan Imperium troops, you know, the guys who told me they were not even possibly coming here, are running toward the transport tube connection spot along with big four-armed green giants. They are fighting off REAVERS (send Carmen to spray fire suppression foam at the Reavers) and trying to get to the junction before the Bloodsmith Raiders (send Iwa and Charkarr at those) can attach SATCHEL CHARGES (oh fierfek) to the tube.   What a mess!   I am going to take over piloting this ambulance while Greelo pops out a hatch to fire at hostiles.   Hey, the Bloodsmith Raiders are trying to set satchel charges to disconnect the tubes, right? They have one single solitary shuttle, which is not going to be enough to fit all of them, right? So some of them are definitely on a suicide mission.   Right?   But they're still fighting for their lives. Not just for time. But for their own lives. They do not want to die, or become Reavers, or whatever.   What's going on here? Can we use it?   I do not see how we can, and Iwa does not see how we can, so we will have to put a pin in that idea and leave it for sorting out once useful data falls into our laps. That's not a problem, because I have an ambulance and can smack the storage crates which some Bloodsmith Raiders are using for cover. And I can roll down a window in the ambulance and stun lots of people through that aperture.   I discombobulate several Bloodsmith Raider combatants before BOOM! Headshot. I'm out. I might be dead.  
  I am not dead! I am, however, concussed. And my suit is kinda somewhat busted. I can't talk to Carmen because of the busted helmet. I can't see Iwa or Charkarr. Rushlight is fighting some dudes. The woman in the armor is atop a bridge, fighting more dudes. Greelo is crawling around the ambulance, which is teetering near a hole in the ground, and at that Greelo is mostly using just one arm to pull himself around because something is wrong with his legs and his other arm is wrapped around this gigantic diamond shape made out of purple crystal with a "cage" of black crystal fangs or something around its top and bottom sort of like jaws.   Because of the teetering, I have to be careful about standing up or we will fall. First I advise Greelo to roll himself to the opposite end of the ambulance, in hopes that he will be safer there. Then I lay my forearm along the back of the ambulance seat, angle my DC upward to fire through the window toward the "sky". I fire one grenade at the same instant that I push my body up out of the seat with my legs, hopefully turning my "downward push" momentum into more of a "sideways push".   There's a tentacle faced dude marching across the battlefield toward us, and I think he might be Sithspawn because he did that {hand gesture makes the entire ambulance move across the ground} thing.   And ... what if I just ... break the black parts of the crystal thingy?   The answer to that question is: the Triune person comes out of the crystal. Rushlight heard (in an argument with a Bloodmith Raider) that they are an energy creature, which I guess means they can be locked up in a weird holocron?   I don't have time to think about that.   Retrieve target from hostile custody: check! I would tell Rushlight so, if my helmet had rebooted comms yet.   Triune says "thank you". I tell them "you're welcome" and then turn to head for the back door of the ambulance, because I need to clear some hostiles out of our path to the extraction point   which   we never defined   uhh, my bad!   A n y w a y ....   Knock a Reaver away from the back door of the ambulance while everyone else works on clearing the hostiles in their respective areas. Carmen is having so much fun playing Swooping Magpie (she calls it "Lawn Darts" but that's not how you play Lawn Darts and I would know!) as she tries to catch the Eborrean unawares. She knocked him flat but didn't make impact.   Somewhere in there, the Mirialan Bloodsmith and her bodyguard jumped in their shuttle without waiting for the rest of the Bloodsmiths and took off.   Through Greelo's comms, I can hear Rushlight telling Spartan Imperium Admiral Hunitar that some Spartan Imperium people are mind-controlled and working for the Eborrean, and getting into trouble with Reavers. Rushlight is ordering Admiral Hunitar to take steps. This is such a bad idea!
We already know that the Spartan Imperium handles anything they find icky by the fundamental principle of "kill 'em all and atomize the remains"!
I think it's part of their holy doctrine, "The Word of Blake". Rushlight is about to get us all vaporized. Fierfek! "And you can't destroy this station because-!" Rushlight yowls into the holonet connection, and then is obviously out of ideas. "Because there's a cure for the Reaver virus aboard this station," I tell Greelo, who pitches that into comms, which means Rushlight then tells that to Admiral Hunitar. Rushlight has to guarantee on his clan that if the Spartans help us WITHOUT vaporizing the station, then Rushlight will send over the cure.   Not ideal, because Spartans; but still better than all the Spartan Imperium dudes and the four armed dudes turning into Reavers and eating the Bloodsmith Raiders' faces, and turning them also into Reavers, and then the whole lot eating our faces.   We get the tide of combat swinging our way as Spartan Imperium boarding raiders swoop in to land near us. I check my helmet systems -- I do have allcall working. Not much, but I'll take it!   "Welcome to the Chentavari Zoo and Conservation Station," I announce. "Property of us, by intergalactic law, on the principle of 'Dibs!'" Then I start listing off the rules: Reavers are not allowed, please get rid of them and disinfect the remains. Hurting the wildlife is not allowed.   You know, the reasonable rules.   Rushlight, being fuzzy, feels that he qualifies as "wildlife"! I see nothing wrong with this argument.   Before I can get to the bit about the gift shop and some sort of teaser about a Zoo Sponsor Membership program, Admiral Hunitar gets on allcall and announces that he's taking over the station.   You can't, I tell him. This is a Tapani Imperium Zoo, property of Emperor Gregor Vortapani specifically, and that would be an act of WAR!   He does not recognize the power of the Tapani Imperium this far away from the Tapani Sector, Admiral Hunitar announces. He claims this station in the name of the Spartan Imperium, he declares quarantine, he is going to kill any ship that tries to leave. (Which the Bloodsmiths in theory are only doing in the most literal sense, because the Shalent in the distant hangar had set up a static charge in the atmosphere of the gas giant to make it seem like there's an ion storm in progress. Travel is a DUMB IDEA for maybe an hour.)   Nobody accused the Spartans of being bright souls when it comes to survival.   Anyway.   Greelo suffocates the Eborrean to death, then claims the corpse. Suddenly all the Spartan dudes who had been working with the four-armed dudes are no longer fighting anybody but Reavers. Suddenly the four-armed dudes are blinking and gazing around, clearly bewildered and a little frightened. Jelsa-Kerr stops fighting them, starts trying out different languages to talk to them.   I am an educated woman. I recognize that "quarantine" means "we are going to line you up and execute everybody for the contamination problem of 'you know something we don't want you to know', and then we are going to walk away".   I start thinking through the tactical problem of making the Spartans decide it is in their own best interests to back off and leave this station as-is when  
You know what?
This is an Ancient Aw'akeen Station
One configuration ~MUST BE~ a Travel Configuration
  I yank off my helmet, shut it down completely, and look around for Segeer. He's near Rushlight. I trot across the decaying battlefield.   Somewhere during the past fight, Segeer took a hell of a hit to the chest. He's being treated medically by Rushlight. I commiserate: Right side of my face is all bruises, I'm on the withering end of a stimpack (properly administered by Greelo to get me up and back into the fight) and I definitely have a concussion. BUT LISTEN! And I explain my thought. Station. Charkarr. Wake it up. Transform to GET OUT MODE. Venn Run! Segeer starts grinning at the ground. Like he is not supposed to be telling us about this, but if I figured it out and said it out loud, he can confirm the possibility which he has also been thinking about. Station gots t'have a movement mode, right? Station is Aw'akeen and Kwa joint creation, right? And Charkarr and his foul mouth can scream the dead awake, he can wake the station up! Right?   Right!   I trot across a different part of the battlefield to where Iwa is (with a Bloodsmith minion in tow). I report.   Stimpack is wearing off pretty bad, so Rushlight splits another stim with half to Segeer and half to me. Hoo rah!   Segeer warns Zadra and the other Shalent to make sure they are completely within the hangar. We send Triune, Jelsa-Kerr, and Ava-Baymax to their portal, with an agreement that we will do some data searching for Triune's "daughter" who came to our galaxy a while ago and did not have a perfect vacation with the Aw'akeen back then.   Rushlight tells Admiral Hunitar that we're still Tapani Imperium, we're leaving, here's that Reaver cure as promised.   WHOOSH!  

Roll Credits

Powdered Sage
Natunda, Telona 15th, 12731

Year: 12731
Month: 4
Day: 15
  Iwa wants a means to put the fear of Iwa into fake!Silar Mins, so I looked up Squibs in the Holopedia. Their "fur" is an olfactory organ. I suggest cayenne or rosemary, but Iwa goes for the sage-bath!   Rushlight has been talking to some kind of a voodoo thing that calls themself "Triune". Rushlight is not having a good time with this. He's also having a Serious Talk with fake!Silar about the future, and survival, and so forth.   Greelo looked up "Triune" on Bountypedia. He found that Zero the Hutt is looking for a husband for somebody named "Triloon" which is not the same.   But we're going to find my baby sister Carmen! And also several other people, including Iwa's grandson Arrawtha.   I don't see any wax marks on these walls so I doubt Carmen has been here. But something has been here that left long scratch marks on the walls.   Segeer, Mar Jani, and Greelo are going to go with Iwa into the foresty half. fake!Silar and I are going with Rushlight through the industrial half.   We leave the tunnel section and we still see some dust on the floor in this disused area. Out pas where it opens up is this long street, a double-wide road with a set of buildings that rise on either side. Zadra said this place was supposed to be super duper old, and I would think the plascrete would have decayed more than it has. Sure, it's cracked and stuff, but still.   Iiiiiiiiiiiii see spiderwebs. With crystalline powder on the strands. Inside the buildings. Some of these webs are big enough to wrap around Rushlight, who is not a tiny dude. Each of the buildings is at least 10 to 12 stories tall. At the far end of the road, in the intersection, there's some debris piled up on one corner. We see the remnants of wiring. We see what's probably a security camera or maybe system, but it's not showing any signs that it is turned on. This place has a moving atmosphere, so we hear (and Rushlight apparently feels) a little bit of wind.   I zoom in on some of the tracks and I see a shadowy dangling thing in one of the buildings.... uhhh .... okay. It looks like a thin black bear with six legs caught in a web.   We are now SURROUNDED by big orb maybe eye thingies in the buildings. Which Segeer over in the Forest side says are probably "spice spiders" but those don't have big protrusions in the mouth area.   Rushlight uses his sandwiches to try to befriend the six legged bear spider things. Which suddenly run for the hills.   What's coming? Spice spiders that are also REAVERS   and our escape path requires going over a bridge, which Rushlight needs to check for traps.   I have been WEBBED this is so gross!  
me: Iwaaaaaaaaaa! me: my leg is stuck to the street via spit Iwa me: there's an acklay trying to size me up Iwa me: pretty sure if I shriek like a boy, you know, out loud, it's going to bite me Iwa (quoting me to me): The industrial section will be really quick clear me: We're going as fast as we can! me: How do you say BAD DOG GO TO BED in really loud Wookiee? me: if you could just me: you know me: lean in to the mic? me: {turns on loudspeaker mode on her helmet} Acklay: {boops me on the helmet}
  The acklay thinks I am an Aw'akeen zookeeper, here to give it noms. Oooookay then.   While having our usual intellectual discussion on topics of note, we join the team back up and head toward the tube car which takes us over to the dome which will probably have our people to be rescued in it. Rushlight has some kind of a voodoo fit and talks about a woman with diamonds on her forehead; we get a comms call from Iwa's grandson Arrawtha who says they are being attacked by Reavers. Carmen is there too so I get her to give us navigational (spherical) bearing for where they are, which I think I have translated well enough that we can run their way.   When we get there, the Reavers are separated by a large fountain, so there are six hostiles close to the rescuables and another five or so on the opposite side of the fountain.   Iwa says that I'm the commander, what's the plan. Whawha?? Uhhh! Okay! We want more of our forces to focus on destroying the Reavers that are on the far side of the fountain. Greelo to do crowd management and pin them in place somehow, Iwa to make with the hurty, Segeer and Charkarr and so forth to support. Rushlight and I to hit the Reavers who have their backs to us but are close in on the rescuable party.   It's going FINE despite the MINI THERMAL DETS when suddenly blaster fire comes down on us from above and to either sides! Bloodsmith Raiders! One of whom is a cyberfan of The Rhino!   Segeer is not doing well at all in this fight. I think he is down. Iwa is not having the BEST time ever -- sounds like she let her temper loose pretty early in the dance -- and the Bloodsmith Raiders rightfully see Rushlight and Greelo as the high-threat targets, because several of them keep shooting at the lads. Not entirely unsuccessfully. Mar Jani got shot in the shoulder at the start, too, which is a real problem.   And now some of the Bloodsmith Raiders have jetpacks, that's not fair! After we went to all that trouble to throw Reavers up to their balconies!   Everyone gets pretty heftily injured except Carmen, Arrawtha, Greelo, and me. And I'm starting to run out of options here.   Ohhhhhhhhh kay! Thanks to Greelo's smoke arrow thing, Iwa whittled down most of the remaining Reavers. And then thanks to lots of stun and the Hakuna Matata song, I managed to stun Iwa enough that Rushlight's tranquilizer dart can finally take her from Rage to Night-Night.   Despite earlier claims to Mom that my first aid training is "stim packs on right thigh, also I know how to apply tourniquet", I do know how to do that. While Greelo and Rushlight yammer a LOT, about a bad pair of options for outside help, I quietly patch up Mom and then Rushlight.   me: ... uhhhh ... I don't know how to First Aid on droids me: Carmen? me: You know First Aid, subcategory Tinny? Carmen: ... I can repair a starship engine. Almost the same thing?   Arrawtha knows how to repair droids, as it runs in the family, so he gets to work on Chakarr while I start patching up Iwa.  
Iwa has been bitten and infected by a Reaver.
  Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not good   I put Rushlight and Mom (wearing my helmet) into a conversation about how to cure that, plus Greelo is pitching in some.   Plan 1: Rushlight gets supplies from nearby hospital, including a bacta bed. Rushlight and Mar Jani do a blood filtration and cure Iwa. Plan 2: We go rescue the female-presenting person who answers to Triune. We kill lots of Bloodsmith Raiders. Triune thinks they know how to cure a disease. Plan 3: There's a bacta tank back on the Banana Republic. Plan 4: some kinda PORTAL to frak knows where, which will supposedly have someone on the other side that should know how to remove a disease even though they do not know what a wookiee is ....   Segeer helped me find replacement medical supplies here in the hospital.   Greelo says he saw the person Rushlight has been describing from his voodoo dreams. Greelo says some of the Bloodsmith Raider ships left. And he says he sees a nearby building that flashed yellow every time the Triune person tried to fight the force field cage. I send him off to do a max stealth recon of the building with the glowy bit. He sends back a picture of The Door Into Shadow, with yellow outer boundary.  

Who invited them?
Satunda, Telona 15th, 12731

Year: 12731
Month: 4
Day: 13
  We are being attacked from three different sides! There are Reavers all over the place! Whose idea was THIS?!? In fact, it turns out that it was some Bloodsmith Raiders' idea, particularly one Malus Jaidev. Greelo says there's a good bounty on that guy, so I hope we get highlight reel of him blowing up while very close to some Reaver ships.   Greelo wields the docking bay tractor beam to good effect while I fire the ion cannon at our incoming and Rushlight whittles down the Reavers going at the ship which Cenvex, Iwa, Zadra, and the last batch of rescuees are on.   Also also, Rushlight's droid Pepe is supposed to shoot the other Leggy Macaroon down below our plane of combat.   The Bloodsmith Raiders broadcast emergency calls. They are getting boarded by Reavers. I am, you know, unsympathetic. Bloodsmith Raiders do slavery, they steal body parts (okay, some of those are tinny body parts) and implant them in their own bodies, and now we find out they also CLONE some of their slaves and do GENETIC MODIFICATIONS on them.   In the distance, the Nightsisters do not broadcast emergency calls but they are suddenly busy with their own Reaver attacks.   A bunch more Reavers suddenly activate at once, all around us . . . this feels like an old Separatist tactic. There has to be something coordinating, that can broadcast activation commands in a cone shape onto the entire plane of combat at once. Two directions would work, "up" and "down" form our current position; I look up.   There's a macaroon! It's actually a probe droid the size of a damned starfighter which is certainly not ideal. I shoot it with the ion cannon until my handle gets warm!   That stops it, though not necessarily the activated Reavers, but then a bunch of Spartan Imperium fighters are here, including at least one full-on SSD, and Zadra says the Spartans work with a faction of her species called the "Krathax" who are all a very big problem. She wants to leave. Right now.   I just told the blue-furred Cathar Admiral Toru Nhamal Hunitar of the Spartan Imperium that the Banana Republic and the "leviathan" and the shuttle on which Iwa is, are all my mission group to recover people taken by the Bloodsmith Raiders, that I acquired and "repurposed" the leviathan "for the greater good".   And who would not believe Captain Dizzy Vorysadora? She's so PRECISE and CALM and GENUINE and STRAIGHTFORWARD and BUSINESSLIKE.   So Mom and I and Morticia run to Vader who transports us over to the Aw'akeen ship, allowing there to be organics "running" the ship in case we get scanned. Meanwhile, Greelo and Badly Injured Jangir Toth and Rushlight are now searching the ship for fake!Silar Mins and the Bloodsmith Raiders who had been locked in the brig until we had that POWER BLINK during the fight.  
Year: 12731
Month: 4
Day: 15
  Two days later! We have had FOOD and also SLEEP and indeed SHOWERS, possibly even CLOTHING CLEANING :)   Now we are at the Chentavari Plex and Rushlight is going on and on and on about somebody called "Triune". :shrug:   This is not getting us into the rescue.   Rushlight finds out that fake!Silar is probably responsible for a portal opening and "Triune" coming through and that's what lead the Bloodsmith Raiders to this ancient Aw'akeen communications station.

Buckets On
Telona 13th, 12731

Year: 12731
Month: 4
Day: 13
  Zyrtec (that's probably not his name, but I'll figure that out later) wants to have a meeting in his brig cell with Iwa. She wants me to be bucket on, recording, playing bodyguard. All he wants to say is "thank you for giving me a second chance"?? Bulllllllllllllllshit!   Also he says he knows nothing about Wookiees. But he understands everything Iwa says to him. He's a liar.   So I said to quit doing first date stuff. It's time to put out. Talk about the grandson.   He's been unable to get to the Wookiee he saw -- and at one point it comes out that there are 2 Wookiees down on the mining moon, both under heavy guard. Chakarr says that he's pasting the translation as subtitles directly into Zyrtec's artificial eyes.
Of course! It's what the Mistress would want for proper communication!
  Iwa does not know if she can trust what Zyrtec has to say. So we're going to have the Aw'akeen lady Zadra check up on the communication logs from the transport ship, and once Rushlight is done with his next 4 surgeries, we're gonna give him some Red Bull and then have him voodoo Zyrtec.   Meanwhile, Greelo is looking up the mentioned bounties (to see if they match the story) and getting the basic layout of this kind of mining station from the manufacturer and so forth. Good research for our upcoming work.   Sooooooo here we are at the Loval....   A lot of the consoles have been taken apart already and rigged up to Aw'akeen tablets and stuff. We hear some activity up near the cockpit. There's a guy up here with a double frontal cowlick of fiery orange red hair. According to communications records, the Loval has been mostly ferrying supplies until fairly recently. Also there is something out there that is a "Dreadnought class" vehicle, which then heads in-system. The Quartermaster from the Bloodsmith Raiders is a Mirialan, muscular, has cybernetic enhancements, and is pressuring Zyrtec to get enhancements done. She mentions that he's doing a good job, she's put in a good word with "Bol Spar" who is considering letting him take the next load to "The Plex". There's also a recording getting a message from an unknown ship (us!) with a Wookiee warning him to get out, he's about to be attacked. So all in all, Zyrtec or Zantac or whatever-dude, he checks out in all the ways we can get corroboration. I wouldn't let him loose and give him a multitool, you know, but I think Iwa is doing the right thing in taking this guy's intel.   We're going to take the Loval, Rushlight and I, and we're going to be slightly dumb salvagers (maybe pirates?) who have wound up with this ship that has a local destination in the system and NO HYPERDRIVE and whatever the contract was, it's obviously vacant now and we'd like to pick it up! This should lead to a lot of distraction and stalling while, aboard Vader, Greelo and Iwa and Chakarr and some of the Aw'akeen commandos sneak down onto the forest and into the air shafts for the mine tunnels. Rushlight is fabulous. And feeling very pretty in a minimalist tabard dress and perfect makeup and some of the shaman stuff as anklets. So we two girls land and are met by some Bloodsmith Raiders whom we promptly horrify with our answers to, basically, every question. And our answers are:  
  1. That's classified.
  2. We prefer to be discreet.
  3. We want to be paid in jewels. Not credits, because people can look at our credits without our permission.
  4. And a hyperdrive. We need a hyperdrive. It's missing!
  5. We are looking for a contract that heads out of system.
The answers, more and more, are "I did not want to know THAT either!" and "Uhhm...?" which is GREAT for our stalling purposes. Finally they send us into the Mining dome to wait out of the sun while they bring the Loval down to the repair bay for a hyperdrive and some fixing up.  
  Some time goes by and we are chilling in the Mining area. I can see the beskar aran safe waiting for the ship to be repaired and the deal to be sealed. Suddenly! The nine shafts downward all start to glow! Rushlight's fur starts to stand on end! The lights are flickering! I put on my helmet, grab Rushlight by her hand, and run to jump on top of the safe. Mandalorian iron will reject the energy. It will keep us from forming a grounding circuit. We have to stand back to back, elbows locked together, because there is not much room but we're going to be okay---  
  • spoke too soon! The floor is cracking! The dome is cracking!
  • Rushlight tells me to hold on tight and throws out the sand. There is a dome of sand around us and the safe, slowing down the fall. But the Bloodsmiths are grabbing non-Bloodsmith people and yanking them toward the other ships, hurrying. These are the people we're here to save, right?! Rushlight's sand tries to surround all these rescuable people while I shoot the Bloodsmiths on stun.   There are TOO MANY people to save, Rushlight says. He's not going to get them all!   So I shout a command for the ones who are NOT falling to grab hold of the ones who ARE. We'll do an Iron Man maneuver!   When the shaking stops, the Mining dome isn't stable but it'll do for now. The shafts are still glowing. We tell the rescuees that that way ((point)) is "out" and THAT way ((point)) leads to the armory, if you know what I mean! And these people do choose one direction or another. Outside, there are sparkly crystalline furred wolf things. What the...?   I think our stalling phase is, you know, blown. We can't open this safe so we need a repulsorlift cart to put the safe on. Because it's kind of heavy.   But! Team Comms are back on! So Rushlight is going to go help Vader. I am organizing those rescuees who went for the armory. I need a repulsorlift cart! The rescuees tell me that Akchiir and Carmen were taken away a couple of days ago, which means my princess is in another castle.

    Private War Throwdown

    Year: 12731
    Month: 4
    Day: 13
      The Bloodsmiths blowing up the back two thirds of their ship did not help them. We figured out they were in their anti-corrosive evac suits and trying to sneak away. Greelo and I go in and secure the four magnetized pirates, and then Iwa and Rushlight come in after to check the Force Cells that take up most of the rest of the space. Zadra follows the two of them as they look through the cargo holds.   Someone will have to search the bunks, too.   We decide we have our specializations distributed wrong: Greelo goes back to join Iwa and Zadra, Rushlight comes up to join me and the prisoners.   I am not a lot of use right now, but I'm annoying!   Investigation leads to the suggestion that an ancient medical base on/near the gas giant, called something like "Shistavaran Plex" (I have to have heard that wrong!), is probably where the Bloodsmith got several of the body parts they stole. That might be where our missing people are being held?   #privatekindofwar

    Private War setup

    Year: 12731
    Month: 4
    Day: 13
      It would be SO GREAT if we could just, you know, HAVE A PLAN as we get slowly surrounded by unknowns which might be hostile.   So. Great.   Maybe with a little more dignity than me doing my Space Floozy routine.   There's a person in the giant {sort of oversized Mon Cal} type ship. She/it/they? is trying to figure out why the _Banana Republic_ won't talk to "Birhan" or however it's spelled. Maybe they will help with our repair problems? The person talking might be named Zadra.   So we're going to have three of "them" come here to do repairs, because now we have an "alliance" or something?   I need to get ready to do a boarding action on the other unknown ship, because they are "thieves" and we have agreed with our new allies (by "we have agreed" I mean, of course, Rushlight is telling me what is going on, which I appreciate being told! but at the same time, wtf we're in an alliance with total unknowns?) that everything the thieves have taken should be taken back before the thieves get dismantled THAT SHIP IS SQUID SHAPED!!&*(#^*@%!!   no bueno   That should 100 percent be a _Jedi Quest_ thing, not a REAL LIFE thing   and these people are here because VN Ysadora told them this is where they can find that they're looking for   ??   ?   Balls.   Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, right, right. I need to prep for that boarding action on the unknown-thieves ship. I should definitely include ion attacks of some sort, I think. I have, uh, ion flares? And ... errrrrr ... lemme see if we have anything in stores. My Deece won't do anything ion-related except, maybe, the grenade launcher. Maybe.   I asked around, and my crewmates do not cop to knowing of any ion carbines in our stores. I figured probably we didn't, but it was worth checking.   So. We're going to take all our combat ready personnel, and we're all going to gear up and go with these people we don't know on a boarding action on another ship we don't know, and meanwhile these people are going to be FIXING our allegedly defenseless SHIP. While we're not on it.   Yeah, I'm liking this plan! /sarcasm   #privatekindofwar

    Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bomb Cereal

    Year: 12731
    Month: 4
    Day: 13
      Goes great in caf!   One of my functions on this crew is to make the Priority List for @82fe1bd1-09af-4da9-b4f6-c7bc3f781fc5 to review. So here we have:   # the Banana Republic has taken some damage. We need to scan systems AND visually confirm the hull is secure. # that very very large ship gives @583ce426-3c42-4d06-9a88-b4a64ec6d957 the heebie jeebies. # Who made all this debris? Because this was definitely a very big space battle. Was it Reavers? Creepy Whip Lady says no, but Creepy Whip Lady is not to be considered a primary citation. # Must. Rescue. Iwa's Grandson. # Fresh out of cupcakes. # What's the weird thing going on in the atmosphere of gas giant Monorik? And, importantly, does it impact our mission?   So Iwa is making necessary repairs to her starfighter in case we need to fight, I am doing the hull inspection, Rushlight gave me sugar bombs cereal and is repairing the turret gun, and @159fd248-0dd2-4f68-8ee9-9327de4b1981 is going to check the debris field and the large ship to see if we're in hoodoo up to our foreheads or only up to our thighs.

    My Leet Baking Skills
    Telona 13, 12731

    Year: 12731
    Month: 4
    Day: 13


    The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 10
    Report | May 25, 2019
    • We rescued my Mom.
    • We captured fake!Silar Mins.
    • We almost got et by Creepy Sorta Sith Lord Blood Drinking dude.
    • Iwa maybe adopted a girl who does creepy things with her knives. She is not coming with us, though. She is now setting up the replacement Emperor's Guard system for the Mechis Empire or whatever it's called.
    • I got ENGAGED to Vash the hawt bouncer at Dr. Wontag's clinic, and also I got turned down for my marriage proposal to save Grimes from Rushlight's cousin Mordecai Heller the crime guy. (None of them are coming with us.)
    • Rushlight developed some new mystic-hoodoo stunts.
    • We got /paid/!
    The Emperor not-Monnk's mother the not-apothecary says that we all owe a debt according to that one Halud "Discord", which is a card that looks kind of like a tarot card, which Greelo is currently carrying around. What? We do? What debt?
    Inspector Grimes did not say "yes" to my marriage proposal, which was medium-level epic. He said "maybe", which absolutely is not a "yes" which means by default that it's a "no".
    I caught up with Vath thanks to some assistance from Greelo. We work out a rough plan for him to start setting up the wedding, and the honeymoon at the shooting range, and the honeymoon on the south continent on the hunting safari.
    Now, once we're loaded up into the Banana Republic, we got to go rescue Iwa's grandson from whoever fake!Silar Mins was working for, which in fact turns out to be that Jack LeGrange dude whose nonsense back on Fondor got most of us introduced to each other.
    We get to Chalcedon system (so we can go to one of the moons of gas giant Monorik) and there's DEBRIS and BUSTED SHIPS and a manta ray shaped vessel that shoots at some pieces and tractors onto an escape pod. Rushlight says those are Nightsister. We're shooting at them! I'll operate the Ion Cannon until we're ready for a boarding action.
    Except they're not boarding. They're going for our engines.
    Also. There is a giant capital ship full of Reavers. That's not okay.
    What's even more Not Okay is the four Nightsisters who have boarded the ship!
    When I wake up in Medbay, I am able to confirm that Rushlight and Greelo have not been mindtwisted by the Nightsisters. Greelo is going toward the Lounge to provide Iwa with backup, while Rushlight and I go check on Mar Jani and then on fake!Silar.
    And in conclusion: after sending Rushlight the Holopedia entries about the Nightsisters, he starts talking about something like an "A'wakeen" and I just don't know.

    Characters Interacted With:

    • assorted Nightsisters
    • assorted Reavers
    • Countess Louise de Beaufort
    • Lieutenant / Inspector Landis Grimes
    • Nalina Kanarek
    • Arthren'nis Jarl, outlaw tech, one half of "Silar Mins"
    • Gowri Jarl, outlaw tech, one half of "Silar Mins"
    • Dorad Mesfaw, formerly known as fake!Silar Mins
    • Mar Jani, my Mom, for whom I am baking cupcakes because I'm a good daughter like that
    • Monnk who is now in fact Emperor Jean Something Something
    • Noki Sunfell
    • Jangir Toth, bounty hunter, in charge of the two Squib dudes who actually invented the "Silar Mins" persona before Mesfaw started using it nefariously
    • Vath my smokin' hot Devaronian fiance
    • Dr. Wontag
    • Morticia still in not-a-shuttle form
    • Vader
    • Dizzy
    • Greelo
    • Iwa and Chakarr her personal droid
    • Rushlight
    • S'reee


    Year: 12731
    Month: 4
    Day: 11

    {Voice="Chris Potter"}Previously, on X-Men:{/voice}

    The Web Of Silar Mins, Chapter 9
    Report | Jul 7, 2019
    What we have not yet done:
    1. Find fake!Silar Mins.
    2. Interrogate fake!Silar Mins.
      Extract information from fake!Silar Mins that will enable us to aid Morticia.
      Extract information from fake!Silar Mins that will enable us to put a stop to all the crap which fake!Silar Mins has been setting into motion.
    3. Bring fake!Silar Mins to an unhappy conclusion.
      Collect numerous bounties on fake!Silar Mins.
    4. Save My Mom, Mar Jani. (Also: everyone else that fake!Silar Mins has been capturing and/or mucking about with.)
    5. Locate and rescue large swathes of the poor population of Calais.
    6. Locate and rescue our client's lady friend and confidant, Zallara Terrek.
    7. Fix up Morticia.
    8. Get married several times over.
    9. My sisters ask me for relationship advice because I Am The Expert.
    10. Never grow old.
      Never retire.
      Keep on flying.

    But before all that: We need to survive the flight back into Calais. The Gear Grinders have JET PACKS and also GAUSS GUNS and are here to try ot make us crash! I'mma turn on the Shields ((2d+1 Shields on the ambulance))


    Carmen straight up lied to me, by the way, about how shields and weaponry work together. There's no hole.


    That one Gear Grinder used a PHASER CANNON on us and now the ambulance has a moon roof. I think we're going to make him swallow it and then find out where he got it and get one for the Deez Nuts later! (Okay, actually we just kill him in the air. But notes for future inquiry!)


    Pretty soon we got hit with an E-Web from the Magic Bus, the whole ambulance is shutting down dead in midair which is not good for our survivability rate. Patients onboard are the Countess (stunned) and five additional people, I think including the Cardinal who is in a healing coma or some Jedi thing.


    What IDIOT brought an entire BANDOLIER of thermal dets?!? I dunno but I think it's just atomized all of them. And the Magic Bus.


    We escape into the sewer system but we know the Lightning Guard will be after us very soon. When we get to Dr. Wontag's hospital, it's smoking and burnt and very quiet. About four hours ago, something amateur but with spooky knives breached the place and created a lot of destruction. And then left a Hunter-Seeker on auto-attack in case Noki, Monnk, and/or Dr. Wontag came out of the room where they barricaded themselves.


    Mom sent me a message! She needs rescue from "this little man" which would be fake!Silar Mins!


    Along with giving me my mom's message, bounty hunter Kol Peck gave us the Palace blueprints that the Cardinal wanted him to get to us.


    We get Monnk into an atmospheric pressure cast system because we are not taking the entire bacta bed while we are on the run. And then we set out for a mothballed dungeon (allegedly!) under the Palace.


    Cardinal du Pleiss knows how to get in! That's not creepy at all!


    We go in through a secret entrance into a room that slowly lights itself up. They look like plasma torches. We're on a landing with some repulsor barges on an underground lake.


    Greelo's barge: me, Red Sparrow, 1 patient, materials being transported


    Iwa's barge: Noki, Monnk, 2 patients, Makena, and Inspector Grimes.


    Rushlight's barge: Cardinal du Pleiss, Countess Beaufort, Dr. Wontag, 2 patients


    We get safely to the "torture area" one floor up from the dungeon, and it is VERY CLEAN up here. AND THE WALL MOVED. And it indicated a path upward when I stated that I am here to ensure that Madame Terrek is well.


    Up in the main floor of the Palace, we split the party when I get a message via obscure channels: "help me". That's coming from somewhere in the back half of the Palace. Meanwhile up here, Greelo has a track on a squib that might be fake!Silar Mins, and Rushlight senses Enzio and Alon Paul that evil vampire-wannabe guy from a month or two ago.

    You can't FIND THEM and yet one of them is right there!!!
    — Alon Paul to Enzio about Rushlight

    We've got fake!Emperor, fake!Silar who mentions that he's also doing work for Jack LeGrange, and Son_of_ Pascale Contee. We think they're torturing Zallara Terrek and possibly the mother of the Emperor.


    Once we have heard enough, we Save My Mom by some excellent wide angle stun and also a kick in the fork of Gerard Contee (since he's blocking stunner fire with his Spooky Knife.


    Text message conversation

    DZ: Grimes?
    Grimes: Yes?
    DZ: 1. Need downstairs medical supplies in back area of main floor of Palace. For Empress Mother.
    2. Sith Lord Knife Guy Alon Paul has been in on an usurper thing.
    3. Sith Lord Knife Guy plans on leaving scene of crime. And maybe not whacking our team.
    4. Who is in charge of Mists now that Enzio is extremely dead? He was murdered by Sith Lord KNife Guy Alon Paul.
    Grimes: If the head of the Mists was killed, they will vanish for a time until they select a new leader
    2: but Alon Paul Thoulieu? that's disturbing
    DZ: Y'all need Skywalkers on this planet. Meanwhile, get everyone together and get 'em all up here. Including Cardinal.
    Grimes: moving people now, we have spoken with Zallara

    Enzio is dead and Alon Paul left after snacking on Rushlight. Rushlight and Dr. Wontag and Mom need to cure the poison in the Empress Zallara so she can be disconnected from the vines of her handmaiden. And then we need to hurry off the planet, ideally with our prisoner fake!Silar Mins, so we can go to Chalcedon and rescue Iwa's grandson. And rescue Baby Sister Carmen.


    Characters Interacted With:

    • The "Butcher" of the Boucherie Gourmade de Louis, maybe named Louis? Anyway he was in the Gear Grinders Magic Bus.
    • various Gear Grinders with jet packs!
    • Alon Paul a.k.a. Evil Vampire-Wannabe Guy
    • Gerard Contee son of the late Pascale Contee
    • Enzio of The Mists
    • Cardinal Armand du Pleiss
    • Countess Louise de Beaufort more than halfway transformed into a panther monster person
    • Lieutenant / Inspector Landis Grimes
    • the Red Sparrow and his maybe-civilian friends
    • Makena the hairstylist extraordinaire
    • Dr. Wontag
    • Noki Sunfell
    • Dizzy
    • Greelo
    • Iwa and Chakarr her personal droid
    • Monnk who is actually Eric Terrek the son of Zallara Terrek
    • Rushlight

    We aren't getting shot yet!
    Telona 10th, 12731

    Episode 2.08: Chapter 6 - Epilogue  

    Here we are at last at the construction site near where the unconscious Countess got shoved into an aircar by Enzio and his buddy the other kidnapper. It looks like part of what has been cordoned off is right next to The Gilded Rose restaurant.


    So the question is: does Rushlight need a reservation?


    Mordecai Heller wants Inspector Grimes gotten off his current case. Or else take some crates to a beach and walk away.


    You know, I should send a quick message to Grimes about organized crime trying to get him taken off this case. I can do that at the same time I take a look in this roped off bit here.



    tl dr version of notes for 2.08 chapter 7
    Telona 10th, 12731

    Gear Grinders is a gang; Garek Fallon is the pilot jerk who swiped Dizzy's DC-17; Church of the Force has a bounty posted on Garek and that bounty was signed/funded by Cardinal Armand du Pleiss


    That Cardinal now wants Greelo to go after Faris Lem nicknamed "Hookshanks". For 60K in credits. He was a close associate of Pascal Conti who is now dead a la Rushlight. The Cardinal prefers "alive" but "life is unpredictable".

    This article has no secrets.


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