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ARC Armor

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Protection: (+2D+1 vs Physical, +1D+1 vs Energy} affecting any Strength rolls I have to make because I did not successfully Dodge,
{-1D Dexterity generic, -1 square of movement, -1D Dodge rolls}

Body Glove: Climate controlled body glove with breath mask.

MFTAS: Multi-Frequency Targeting Acquisition System Helmet: + 2D Perception and Search ONLY in Low-light environments. + 1D to ranged weapon skill checks against targets moving more than 10 meters per round.


Cultural - this armor is specific to Clone Troopers who received a specific set of extended training. Anyone wearing this armor is expected to have a certain amount of competence in a crisis, which leads to (1) a certain amount of arrogance; (2) a certain amount of fatalism, especially in regard to the wearer's personal life expectancy.


Members of House Vorysadora who are eligible to wear this armor have, largely, set it aside for more modern technology or for a different career and lifestyle altogether. They probably still have their ARC armor in private storage, repaired and maintained, though they may have no clear idea of what they will do with it "someday".


Due to the wear and tear of armed conflict, very few sets of ARC armor consist of even as much as 70% original parts. However, even when replacing old technology with better components, all efforts are made to keep to the uniform aesthetic of the ARC image from the Clone Wars days.


Razak's Roughnecks are all ARCs with some version of this armor in their possession. To this day, they still run into non- Clone Troopers who will expect these men to have the weaknesses and complications of the original, thirty-year-old gear.


The color of trim (and the matching color of the kama) signify the assigned rank, and therefore the level of additional training possessed by the wearer.

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