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VNY's notes:

Advanced Recon Commandoes were all supposed to be commanders and captains and such, back in the Grand Army of the Republic.
It says something pretty important that every member of the 12th had been busted down so far in rank before they went down for a long twenty-year-plus nap.
Razak's Roughnecks aren't going to tell any of us what it was.
But I think Loren knows the story.
And I think he sees nothing wrong with the whole thing. Whatever it was.
Because it's not like I was going to agree with whoever decided to strip them of symbolic authority.
But I definitely agreed with keeping the lot alive and functional.
Nevertheless. I think the Whatever might also have something to do with some higher-ranking members of Clan Venn having some reason to not join the Beskar Aran besides "tired of being in a military situation forever" and "don't want a drop in rank at my time of life".
Loren is the only Commander that I've met.
I'm supposed to be his peer in the boss-troops-around sense?
Ha ha ha no.
I'll stay in my lane, thanks! or my "corner", as it may be.
- database entry updated Katunda
17 Helona
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Alternative Naming
  • Cmdr.
Past Holders
Reports directly to


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