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Easy enough to measure!
  • Are you educated to functional and philosophical competence in a practicing discipline of the Mystic Mob?
  • Are you skilled at listening to what a specific parishioner has to say, especially when it's not congruent with your own ethos?
  • Will you seek to aid the parishioner in finding the spiritual path that best suits them in particular?
  • How well do you get along with
    1. a randomly chosen Lieutenant?
    2. a randomly chosen Private?
    3. an ordained representative of a major Tapani Sector faith from a different foundation than your own?
    4. an atheist?
    all found among the membership of the Beskar Aran of course.


Position codified during Winter Fete 12727 to make official the standing custom wherein Jedi Padawan VN Ysadora -- while not a ranking member of the Beskar Aran mercenary company in direct service to Emperor Gregor Vortapani -- had discreet yet undeniable access throughout most levels of the company's personnel and operations.

Authorities and Responsibilities

VNY's notes:
Chaplain (as a rank in the Beskar Aran anyhow) is a subset of the Specialist rank formally listed as Trooper. It receives no pay. It does not have a standard billet or duty assignment. It comes with very little codified authority -- I cannot, for instance, charge Lt. Druu with "Insubordination" or "Conduct Unbecoming" for rolling his eyes at me when he thinks the polarized faceplate on his buy'ce will keep me from seeing it happen.
I can assign stomach crunches for misranking me because Razak and Rico both back me up on that.
I can also put in recommendations for future assignments, but I can't order anything.
So in nine hundred ninety-eight cases out of a thousand, I'm fluff supercargo as far as command structure is concerned.
The other two cases happen when they need me to be their Jedi.
Mostly, though, I provide spiritual support with a side serving as interface between the Beskar Aran and Civilian Street.
- database entry updated Satunda
23 Helona
Davish Tam's notes:
Such as when His Imperial Majesty's Government demands someone to hear their outrage about a certain impromptu traffic snarl?
They copied me on the summons, but I knew I was a means to get hands on you. I'm not even in Procopia System today.
- 23 Helona 12730
VNY's notes:
Babe, there's a non-zero chance someone has you penciled into the org chart as also a "Chaplain".
- 24 Helona 12730
Davish Tam's notes:
No! Really?!
Oh my.
That could be LOT of fun!
- 24 Helona 12730
Religious, Military
Equates to

(No direct power accrues to this rank.)

Source of Authority
Our Imperial Lord and Master Gregor Vortapani says it's fine by him.
First Holder
Current Holders
Reports directly to
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