TC512 ARC Captain

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 5.5 "Between the Panels"
Based on Juan "Johnny" Rico from Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, especially the adaptation of him in early episodes of Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles by Paul Verhoeven et al

Captain Rico Vorysadora (a.k.a. TC-512)

VNY's notes:

Member of the ARCtrooper unit known as Razak's Roughnecks, self-referenced as “Apes”.
First TC to be seen rolling his eyes at "Madame Jedi and her latest antics", but by no means the last such.
He was quite literally the first ARC that I saw, back on that explody day in late Kelona of 'Seven-twenty-one. His rank at the time, I found out a bit later, was "Sergeant" which (I found out even later on) was not a rank ARCs were supposed to get busted down to hold.
I have my suspicions that the entire 257th but especially the Roughnecks did something that got them into trouble with Republic Command, and that they got liberally sprinkled with demotions for it. I am not dumb enough to ask for that story, nor to poke around for it on my own.
On a job we did in Delar, in a cantina named Purple Gamorrean, the serving staff claimed to have one local drink even more potent than a Steiner PPC: a thing called "Spicebrew". I thought nothing of it when the TCs traveling with us on this mission decided to order a round. They were curious, they were behaving exactly like the roaming-mercenaries-on-shore-leave that we needed locals to believe them to be, it was fine.
Spicebrew is not made with "spices".
Okay, maybe it is, I don't know; but that is not where it gets its name.
Spicebrew is made with Spice. You know, as in the stain on a Mentat's teeth.
So I'm paying about a third of my attention to the conversation across the cantina where Khun Lakhia is becoming very acquainted with a bounty hunter duo named Ursula and Kayla. Another third of my attention is sorting through the furtive attempts of some Imps to make a deal with a Blood Wind Raider. I have the creeping suspicion that some Bene Gesserit assassins and a batch of Nightsister raiders are going to drop by soon, and none of this is getting us the rescue target we came to recover.
A fountain of Light flares up so close to me that it flutters my hair, then tamps down under control while I'm still whipping my entirely focused attention around.
"I think this drink might be too stout for you, Gunny," I hear Master Sergeant Rico say. "Ooooo!" comes up from Goss, Dono, and Jenkins pretty much in one unified chorus of mischief.
Before I think of a smart way to divert this challenge (because, instead of thinking fast, I am delighted by one of the Wacky Lads coruscating in the Force), Yeager Lexics downs his bottle in one long chug. He slaps it down on the table. He belly-flops straight into the Dark Side of the Force.
So, yeah: "Spicebrew" in the Nella System glows with a blue bio-luminescence because it might temporarily tip a body over into being active in the Force. Yeager, in realities where he is awake to the Force, immediately looks for someone to hurt. And Rico locks it all down as if he's danced in the Light before.
Nowadays, Rico is the day-to-day operational head of the Beskar Aran and spends most of his duty shifts either managing the logistical issues from an office, or on patrol in Emperor Gregor Vortapani's general vicinity. He owns a snazzy parade uniform but prefers to leave the "on stage at Vorhartung Castle and the Tapani Senate Building" stuff to much more junior siblings and cousins while he handles tactics from the other side of the cameras. I think Razak pulls rank on him about twice a standard year to have Rico take a field assignment.
- database entry updated Katunda
27 Helona

Mental characteristics


Rico is a little bit distrustful of technology -- he will ask for a direct "eyes on" report rather than absolutely rely on remote sensors.


Contacts & Relations

The Beskar Aran have close, private, strong ties to Gregor Vortapani and Katianna Vortapani, which they are extremely careful to keep circumspect. Only an ego-driven idiot would suppose that this loyalty travels in a single direction. The higher-ranked the member of the organization, the closer is the tie to the Imperial Family.
Anyone who knows what a "chaplain" is, knows that Jedi Knight VN Ysadora and Knight Errant Davish Tam will answer a call for support from any Beskar Arran. Anyone who knows the little phrase "the clone's Jedi" would also know that "Vanya Ysadora will pause almost any other work to appear out of the empty space if one of the Roughnecks asked."
But it would take someone who pays attention to the Low Vor club scene on the edges of Estalle Island and on Destato Island to realize that the Adepta Sororitas -- without necessarily checking in with the Bene Gesserit Order first -- as a group believe that the Beskar Aran always find the best parties. And by "parties", these ladies mean "high chance of a righteous battle scar newly gracing my armor". The nearest Canoness Commander, Palatine, or Sister Superior will bring a detachment of Sisters on the run if Rico ever puts out a query.

Family Ties

Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Year of Birth
12698 33 Years old
Parents (Adopting)
Current Residence
Imperium Palace, Estalle Island
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
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