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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 18.0 "Dark Clouds Rising II"

VNY's notes:

...not good news, they’re a hand-picked and hand-trained group led by Capt. Wilhelm Gerhering.
- database entry updated Katunda
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K7 is an elite Nova Trooper commando unit from the Galactic Empire. Formed originally from members of the Galactic Emperor’s red armored Imperial Guard (also known as the Crimson Guard), they are the most trained and best equipped. Usually they are sent on the most dangerous missions for the Galactic Empire.   The commando unit may have been designed by the Galactic Empire's then highest-ranked intelligence specialist, Crix Madine.   They were sent to the troublesome Tapani Sector by Emperor Palpatine under the command of Captain Wilhelm Gerhering. Witness testimony suggests that the men in K7 at that time may have been very closely related, all blond humans or near-humans, with similar facial characteristics among them.   They spent some time under the official command of Galactic agent Sir Davish Tam, especially during the Vormelantha-led Tapani Civil War.   They vanished from all public record, including the chain of command for the Galactic Empire, sometime before Empress Jenna I assumed the throne.
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VNY's notes say "blond gun bunnies", which is just RUDE


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