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Wilhelm Gerhering

Captain, K7

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 18.0 "Dark Clouds Rising II"

Captain Wilhelm Gerhering

VNY's notes:

It's not just a job, it's an adventure!
In Captain Gerhering's particular case, it must have been quite the adventure. He came to Tapani Sector at command of K7, a set of what the Wacky Lads persist in calling "Coruscanti Clones" although we do not really know if they were born on Centax-2 or someplace else entirely. Captain Gerhering had orders to take "firms steps" to quell the Tapani Sector problem -- by which, his commanding officers meant, "stop any sign of Rebellion but don't get in Moff Kane's way while you do it, oh and we're not telling you what he is actually doing."
That was around Relona or Welona of 12722, which is more than one year but less than two before the Long Night began. And by the end of 12725, Captain Gerhering was no longer a feature of rumor mill reports on blond gunnies; Crimson Knight Sir Davish Tam was their putative commander.
So what happened to Wilhelm Gerhering?
Is he still alive?
Did he pick up a different identity?
The Tapani Ministry of Information certainly knows, because they are not tearing around trying to find out.
They also don't feel that anyone else needs to know -- but that fact means nothing at all. They don't think anybody but the Emperor deserves have a thought in our pretty heads.
- database entry updated Natunda 20 Telona
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