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First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 31.0 "Flashpoint"

Corporal Dono Hayc

VNY's notes:

Dono did Sgt. Brutto's version of the ARC training during the last year of the Long Night, served a half tour with the Razak's Roughnecks, then put in for transfer back to his original squad -- one of two squads trained by MSgt. Yeager Lexics as Drop Marines.
Dono was, in fact, one of the TCs who drifted in to New Dendarii early on after we got there. He had not quite gotten settled when Yeager drafted him into our current assignment: one strike team of marines plus a certain mostly useless Padawan would drop from low orbit through the defenses of Procopia, splash down on a backup comms platform in the seas away from Estalle Island, and get to work.
I was along -- despite my complete inability to do the first thing in drop gear -- because the armor could be programmed to collapse around me as it landed and I could go directly into melee defense mode while all the competent types were still getting arrival data. Also, Admiral Angelo d'Arcy had fairly reliable reports that Dragomir was on Procopia trying to figure out where the Bene Gesserit Order vanished off to. I figured out quick that d'Arcy wanted our side to have a target Dragomir would concentrate on first, if he should happen to be present, that would not cripple the objectives of the job.
I don't think the TCs figured that part out, and I was not telling them until it happened. Which it did not.
Doing things the responsible way, the drop suit into which I was stuffed had its circuits slaved to two of the Roughnecks, just in case something went haywire early in our plan, and Dono was one of those two. I could feel him at my back when I used the signal pause to reach out as far as the Force would carry me.
I found several Jedi still alive. I found the choreography of the Dathomirian Witches in the distance, and a few non-Dathomirian lights being veiled in their midst. I found Emperor Gregor still alive in another direction entirely. I pushed harder until I brushed against some of the 257th Clone Detachment, not nearly enough, not at all, but I could feel their innate congruence to Dono and their worry and their hope, have hope guys,
annnnnd then we were too low in the atmosphere and it was time to focus on the impending five minutes.
Dono was the guy who first believed me, too, when I said out loud that some people at least were alive. He asked me later how many of his brothers I had recognized. Again: not enough. But grounds to start searching.
Did I mention, that lad would make a fine private investigator if he ever decides to jump career paths?
- database entry updated Datunda
9 Yelona

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The name "Dono" is one of those cultural things mostly found in the Tapani Sector and nowhere else. Some of us supposed that Dono had been working his way up to joining a Vor family, Low Vor at least. I was all ready to do the awkward "listen, about this HUGE LIST of favors you still owe: it's time to pay up" talk with my closest contact to House VorCadriaan High Vor leadership ... but Dono never got there.
Instead he signed on with Sergeant Striker as part of the new Mando Clan Hayc. And is still showing up to Razak's "Family Meetings" to figure out the Vor Clan thing. Good! I have heard no reasonable argument why a person should pick one instead of the other. Family is family, right?
- 6 Elona 12730


Contacts & Relations

Anyone who knows what a "chaplain" is, knows that Jedi Knight VN Ysadora and Knight Errant Davish Tam will answer a call for support from any Beskar Arran. Anyone who knows the little phrase "the clone's Jedi" would also know that "Vanya Ysadora will pause almost any other work to appear out of the empty space if one of the Roughnecks asked."

Family Ties

Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
12698 33 Years old
very dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light olive
Aligned Organization
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