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(Current notes are out of date.)


Also known as “Alpha-02”, Spar was one of the first 20 clones ever created. He taught Razak, one of the next generation after Spar. No idea why his aging is at normal speed; maybe the natural Mando spirit of fraternity will lead him to eventually volunteer an explanation, so we can apply it to the Apes. He’s married to Asajj Ventress, has a son with her named Jaster Fett, and leads a small cadre of late-generation clones who stayed on Kamino with him until he messaged Razak that he wanted out.


Razak sent Hana, Danar, Tsu, KitKat, Lod, and myself to go accomplish that. Hilarity ensued.



Spar died in Barnaba System during Cry Havoc, buying time for his people to get off the ship and killing most of the Tapani Confederation boarding party. Before they managed to overwhelm him with sheer numbers, Spar sent out a message, recorded live in his final combat, telling his brothers to carry on.


His funeral took place near the end of Winter Fete, 12729.



Personal note:

I am not saying that I miss Spar's perpetual anger. Some of the fights we had were pretty spectacularly stupid. I am still sad that he was killed, though. I think he would have liked this "true Sith way" splinter religion that Dragomir is running — it's all about passion, and there are forms of passion besides "pissed off at Ysadora".
He surprised me sometimes. He could make jokes about gearing up to chew me out, which is not a bet I would have placed until I was in the room while he did it. He once sat across the two-top table from me at a cafe for an hour, not oozing menace or disapproval, while I got my head together after an ugly surprise in my galactic news feed. That was just ... breathtakingly compassionate from a man who possibly hated my guts.

He said that he did not, in fact, hate my guts.

If you picture a repulsorlift with its course set straight ahead and its throttle jammed open to full speed, fueling itself with an atmo scoop, forever charging straight to its goal and damned be the obstacles: that was Spar. I do believe that there was no wall in the entire Galaxy that could make him deviate from his path, once he fixed his destination in mind.
He was a light in the Galaxy, in his own obstinate way. He changed the course of more than one nation. I wish him all the peace that he will tolerate.

- database entry updated Katunda
Shelova Week

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