Star wars: shards Raid on Kamino

Raid on Kamino

Population Migration / Travel


Captain Razak needs a favor, one he hesitates to ask of the Mismatch band: an old teacher, a powerful figure from his early past, has reached out for help ... and Razak's Roughnecks are too busy to respond. He needs them to meet a contact at Haruun Kel, on the far edge of the Freeworlds Territory of Tapani space, to get further intel. Worse, this trip will lead to the secret world of Kamino, beyond chaotic and barely-charted hyperspace routes through mynock-infested smuggler space.

Are the Reavers haunting this area? Will a disfavored Imperial captain be sent here on patrol?


You betcha!


Rumors don't begin to hint at the "ghost ship", wistful for the days of Clone Troopers stationed at Deep Star Station .


This adventure featured:

  • more than one evening of being SUPER CREEPED OUT
  • some time spent in a nebula
  • This ship is larger than a starfighter but smaller than a freighter. It is in astonishingly good condition for being a ship left floating in a NEBULA for a long time. This ship started sending signals directly to Yeager Lexics and Lod Zorad ... not because they are (or were) soldiers of the Rebel Alliance ... but because they are Clone Troopers.
  • Apparently Loam is lonely
  • Apparently Loam misses having a TC Buddy
  • Aaaaapparently Loam is a PERSON. In addition to being a ship.
  • ((the player of KitKat activating his Mentat powers and taking the Spice, which massively increased his total dice to roll when making mathematical calculations; ... and then he rolled ALL ONES. The worst possible critical botch.))
    Good times.
  • Anyway. We had a meeting with Dexter Jettster, who was doing one last favor for his old buddy Mace Windu by holoprojecting into this remote location and giving us these messages
  • Info from Haruun Kel sent us to eventually meeting Spar
  • who is married to Asajj Ventress
  • and they have a SON named Jaster Fett
  • and VN Ysadora skipped out on the upcoming informational encounter with Kaminoan leadership, because Vanya wanted to approach Lady Ventress in private to state very clearly I am no threat to you or yours and I have no intention of doing anything to tick you off and, when that went fairly well, May I do you any service before I scram?
  • Lady Ventress wanted her family transported the hell to safety
  • Er. Safety? Ma'am? Safety from...?
  • Darth Feyd greets Danar Vorpadaran, Tsu Vorboccioni, et al in classic Empire Strikes Back fashion.
  • Oh, good.
  • Shortly afterward, we are out on a platform on the exterior of the Kaminoan platform.
    In the rain.
    In combat.
    All of us, Vanya and Yeager Lexics and Danar and KitKat and Eleni Benacor and the whole party ... except Tsu ... trying to slow down Feyd's advance while the surviving Clone Troopers and less-jackassy Kaminoans and so forth get evacuated into the Mismatch by Spar and Ventress
  • Feyd is still moving forward a bit at a time, killing people, getting closer and closer to Vanya and Yeager, doling out the injuries
  • The Vorboccioni Maneuver saves the day!
  • (The Vorboccioni Maneuver = starship gunnery versus single human or near human target)
  • Feyd is dead. Definitely dead; we took portions of the body along. Half a head. Yeager grabbed the melted lightsaber. Vanya made sure that mechanical arm got slingshotted into a blue giant star this time.
  • Vanya also, because she's a weirdo, wrote a proper, formal, sincere letter of condolence to Dragomir on his loss.

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