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Tapani Confederation

VNY's notes:

When House Vormelantha and its member Vor lines flounced out of Emperor Gregor's new government, this is the "true Tapani government" they formed.
We are fairly sure that this was primarily a plot for Matres Merglin to lead the Honorable Matres into gaining power over all Orange Catholic faithful and clergy, including but not limited to Bene Gesserit, Mentat, and Adepta Sororitas Orders.
Obviously Darth Sidious had no intention of letting Merglin survive the Civil War. Obviously he planned to kill all of the Confederacy leadership once they had completely destroyed the Tapani Imperium. But Merglin believed what she wanted to be true instead of what Sidious had actually done.
Just as most of the High Vor of House Vormelantha believed what they wanted to be true from Matres Merglin's custom-spun false memories instead of what their own records showed.
- database entry updated Satunda
Expansion Week


27 Relona 12727: Tapani Civil War begins
Katunda through Datunda, Winter Fete 12727: Tales from the Cantina: Trials of the Lost and Found
Tapani Day through 10 Selona 12728: Band of Shadows
9 Telona through 12 Telona 12728: Rebel Yell
27 Helona 12728: Tales from the Cantina: Enemy Squared
1 Yelona through 6 Yelona 12728: Requiem
18 Relona 12728: Spatial Relations
6 Telona through 11 Telona 12728: Crime and Punishment
19 Telona through 27 Telona 12728: A Card to Play
23 Nelona through 24 Nelona 12728: Fool's Mate
32 Relona 12729: The Final Refrain
1 Welona 12729: Game of Vors
9 Welona 12729: A Storm of Blasters
12 Welona 12729: A Civil Crusade
Katunda and Satunda, Winter Fete 12729: Cry Havoc
Natunda, Winter Fete 12729 through 1 Elona 12730: Shadows of an Empire

12727/9/27 - 12730/1/1

Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
Confederation | Confederacy
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System


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