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United Confederation of Peacekeepers

violent political activist group

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 28.0 "Birthright"

VNY's notes:

This violent political activist group means “peacekeeper” in the same sense that Palpatine meant “republic”: none for you, all for us. Also they seem to have their capslocks stuck in the “active” position every time they communicate by text.
They feel that all things “Vor” are what’s gotten us into this mess in the first place. They want to get the Vor out of Tapani government, permanently, and if they have to attack formal balls and lob grenades to do it, well, that’s okay with them. Unfortunately for their platform, K7 and other groups think they make an awesome cover.
Somehow they leveraged themselves into the Tapani Confederation despite it having a figurehead of Vormelantha heads of state. I never took the time to investigate what illusionary carrot Matres Merglin dangled in front of them but I imagine it read along the lines of "use the Vor as your cutout, establish control of the sector with them as front lines, once it's over get rid of the remainder and take your rightful place".
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Holopedia Galactica entry:


Originally, this was the cadre of military officers and their followers who staged the coup that brought down House Vorkapella as the ruling house of the sector, marking the historically accepted end of the Dynastic Era and the beginning of the Federal Era. When the group set into a place the first Prime Minister and Parliament, there was some disagreement as to who actually would sit on the parliament and where the Prime Minister would be drawn from. Some thought it should be from an open election among the populace of each province in Tapani Sector. Others thought this would lead to mob rule and disagreed, suggesting that the military would prove a more fertile ground for candidates.


In the end, the public vote won out and the more military minded withdrew from the Federal Reformers. Secretly, they felt the direction taken would lead to ruin, and sought to prepare for what they felt was inevitable chaos. These surivalists formed what was termed simply as the Confederation. They operated in secret, growing their membership while Tapani became a sector in the Republic.


During the latter years of the Republic, piracy and unrest became more noticeable as the first signs of strain on the Old Republic began to become evident. Seeing their opportunity, the Confederation slowly began to work. Using their connections, they funneled military supplies, equipment and even ships to remote stations across the sector. These ships and personnel would hire themselves out as mercenaries, having two primary rules of conduct: {1} Defend victimized peoples {2} Helping lawful Houses and governments maintain the peace. Because of this, the group became known as the United Confederation of Peacekeepers.


For the years leading up to the Clone Wars, the UCP successfully kept their appearance and rules of conduct intact. Until the seige on Vycinyth, where the UCP was defending a lightly populated colony world against the expansionistic forces of Duke Jongis Vorkerellin. The UCP attempted to stay true to their code of conduct, but during the year long siege, Separatist forces staged a coup on Vycinyth to take the world for themselves. In days, all semblance of order collapsed. The UCP forces, under the command of Admiral Erin Gorake, turned the tide, placing the world under UCP control and restablishing a governent under their watchful eye. The new Vycinyth government, in reality taking orders from the UCP High Command, expelled both Duke Vorkerellin and Separatist forces from the system. From there, using captured Separatist technology, the UCP launched several campaigns to "stablize" the eastern regions of Tapani. In fact, they had begun a long awaited coup. Unfortunately for them, other fates conspired against them. As their forces enacted their "peacekeeping" missions across the eastern regions of the sector, Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor and the Republic an Empire in an attempt to restore peace to the galaxy. Separatists forces fled and/or surrendered immediately. Imperial forces, no longer occupied by Separatist troops, confronted the UCP, demanding they stand down in their "peacekeeping" efforts.


Realizing the winds of change were against them, they conceded, turning many worlds back over to the original Vor Houses they belonged to. Officially they dismantled their bases and resumed work as a small mercenary unit. Unofficially, the UCP High Command began anew, working into various key positions within the Imperial military structure, and hiding away ships and personnel across the whole of Tapani. During the bid for Tapani Independence and the Long Night, the UCP was not caught unaware. With the Tapani Imperium government in exile and the expansionistic Empire further destabilizing the region, the UCP sees a prime opportunity to again reach out and resume their "peacekeeping" efforts ... establishing a new military-controlled government that is more stable than one elected by popular vote or one ruled by a collection of weak noble families.

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