Star wars: shards Birthright


Diplomatic action


There is too much. I will sum up:
Our original mission, supporting negotiations to include Baron Anatoly Vorbanovich of House VorCadriaan in the new Planetary Council governing his homeworld of Gilliana, essentially succeeded.
That's not the problem.
In fact, it went so well that the negotiations concluded with a formal ball.
That would be the problem.
VNY's notes

Tsu Vorboccioni died. Vanya fell to the Dark Side. Lod Zorad got molested by a 17-year-old daughter of the Baron, and wound up Poster Man for the Alliance Military. We all got better, but Lod might be engaged.


On the plus side, Danar Vorpadaran got to kick ass with style and panache using wine, cheese, and blasters.

Restored Emperor Gregor Vortapani sends representatives to the planet Gilliana, where they will shepherd the official conclusion of a long negotiation with the fledgling Gilliana Republic Council: House Vorbanovich is restored to its ancestral lands and will be included on the now-governing Council, every interested party got some of what they wanted, hurrah, let's throw a formal ball for everybody on the first day of Independence Week.


So what's the "UNITED CONFEDERATION OF PEACEKEEPERS", why can't they turn off the Caps Lock key, why do they hate the Vor so much, and why is everything suddenly blowing up?


Captain Lod Zorad becomes Poster Man for the Alliance.

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