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Anatoly Vorbanovich

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 28.0 "Birthright"

Count Anatoly Vorbanovich

VNY's notes:

A quiet, reserved man, not very comfortable in the spotlight, Anatoly never expected to be head of his House, nor to have a seat on the Council of Counts; his thing has been cheese-making. Between the Galactic Empire and the subsequent chaos on his home world of Gilliana, all while he was offworld serving in the Tapani military, he became not only the highest-ranking member of his House but quite possibly one of the highest-ranked members of the umbrella group known as "House VorCadriaan".
Poor man can't even throw a ball in gratitude for someone's support without some sort of political attack interrupting it. Oh, and his teenage daughter thinks Rebel Alliance Captain Lod Zorad looks fiiiiiiiiiiine in his dress uniform.
- database entry updated Natunda
10 Relona

Personality Characteristics


make cheese, keep family out of trouble, keep Gilliana out of trouble, keep the Gilliana Republic Council on track

Likes & Dislikes

vastly dislikes the United Confederation of Peacekeepers and not just because they are always SHOUTING
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Count Vorbanovich
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