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Tapani Imperium


Emperor: preferably someone directly descended from founder Shey Tapani, his word is law (so he is expected to be careful of what he says).

Council of Counts: One of two legislative bodies, this one consists of every Count including the High Lords/High Ladies on down to the smallest Vor House to own more than three planets. Officially, each seat is occupied by the Count Vorwhatever who is the named noble in charge of their House's property; less officially, many seats are occupied by proxies called the "Count's Voice" who (legally speaking) are registered extensions of the Count's direct will. Sometimes a Count is, in fact, a Countess; no one cares about that as much as they care that all participants be part of the noble class, preferably "High Vor".
Their sphere of influence was narrowed after Pelagon System of Pelagia Province, Shifa System of Calipsa Province, and Procopia System were freed from Galactic Imperial control at the end of the "Long Night" war .

Tapani Alliance Senate: The other legislative body, created by Imperial dictate, the Senate contains representatives from all member governments including the Freeworlds Territory and the High Lords of each Tapani Province.

Council of Ministers: the executive branch of the Tapani Imperium, consisting of 15 Ministers appointed directly by Emperor Gregor Vortapani for as long as the Emperor feels that this is the best person to execute laws and decrees, and to advise him on governmental issues which may come up. They are led by a Prime Minister.


There are those who say that the Vor religion is a contentious form of Emperor-worship.

Other religions that have significant representation:
  • Church of the Force
  • Orange Catholic
  • Qo'shasot
  • Sacred Way

Trade & Transport

Calipsa Run
Caloria Run
Cazne Way
Cor Lane
Gambler's Run (from Sheva System through Darkblade Station to Reyna System or from Procopia System to New Shella, depending on context)
Giju Run
Leozi Route
Nyssa Pass
Pella Bypass
Procopian Shipping Lane
Shapani Bypass
Shindra Lane
Three Ellas Run
Venn Run
Vorgarin Route
Geopolitical, Empire
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Imperial Marks are steadily becoming the preferred currency in the Tapani System, although Galactic Credits are still accepted in most locations as a stable currency. As of 12730, values of the two credits are roughly 1:1 in small transactions but the valuation gap widens somewhere after the 1000 mark/credit level, so that
  • Galactic Credits
    Imperial Marks
  • 10,000 credits
    30,000 marks
  • 100,000 credits
    500,000 marks
  • 1 million credits
    8 million marks
by which time, the purchaser likely will only accept credits or possibly wupiupi.
Neighboring Nations
Manufactured Items
Related Ethnicities

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