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Lord Solicitor

The position of "Lord Solicitor" is heavily based on the "Imperial Auditor" concept created by Lois McMaster Bujold
and is used in homage. No infringement is intended or implied.

Our thanks to the kind folks at Vorkosigan Wiki for the collated info from the original books which we adapted into our setting.


To become a Lord Solicitor, one must have served at least 5 standard years as a Solicitor in each of at least 2 legal Districts which will not be overseen by the Lord Solicitor posting under consideration, and have had no more than three judgments overturned in an appeal to a higher ranking authority throughout the candidate's career as a Solicitor.


A Lord Solicitor is assigned to each of the major Houses in the Landsraadt. They will be much more informed about -- therefore, unfortunately, more likely to have to wade into -- political machinations as the Houses maneuver for power. It is therefore important that a Lord Solicitor must not be Vor, and must originate from one of the locations directly owned by the Vortapani family line.


Once a candidate is considered qualified for the position by the Order of Solicitors, their candidacy by tradition is submitted to the Tapani Emperor for final decision -- or, during the years when the Vortapani throne was vacant, by the current Prime Minister of the Tapani Sector.
Civic, Diplomatic
Equates to
Source of Authority
a Lord Solicitor is considered the Voice of the Emperor, and to act against a Lord Solicitor's instructions is equal to defying the Emperor in person
Length of Term
until the Tapani Emperor determines that the individual in question is no longer able to fulfill the Imperial needs, usually due to severe mental decline
Reports directly to
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