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Order of Solicitors

The Order of Solicitors is a civilian organization of law enforcement devotees in the Tapani Sector. It can be roughly grouped into two levels:

The Judges are, in fact, "street judges" of the "criminal justice system" trope. They patrol in their assigned area, usually in pairs. They attempt to sort out any disturbances they encounter, according to the laws of the Tapani Imperium and the Province and the particular Vor Lord who owns the area (or in the Freeworlds Territory, the proletariat government of the star system in question). When necessary, they conduct investigations as proxies for the Baron or Count of the area. They find the truth, sort things out, and restore peace within the Law.
More senior members of the Order sometimes become Solicitors, a process which includes at least one magister or doctorate degree in law.
  • A Solicitor is assigned to oversee the Order of Solicitors in a District, such as Solicitor Catherine Sakai overseeing the Procopian Shipping Lane in the name of Count Gregor Vortapani (in this instance, legally a separate person from Emperor Gregor; the Procopian Shipping Lane is one of Gregor's "Districts" because its navbuoys must be maintained by a unified system, rather than piecemeal by each Count whose territory it traverses).
  • A Lord Solicitor is assigned to each of the major Houses in the Landsraadt. He or she will be much more informed about -- therefore, unfortunately, more likely to have to wade into -- political machinations as the Houses maneuver for power. It is therefore important that a Lord Solicitor must not be Vor, and must originate from one of the locations directly owned by the Vortapani family line.
  • The Grand Solicitor is the head of the order. This person is traditionally considered to be the Voice of the Emperor in all matters, save when the Emperor speaks directly (and officially). To disobey, deceive, or harm the Grand Solicitor is high treason as much as it would be to do so directly to Gregor himself.

All members of the Order of Solicitors are, at least slightly, sensitive to the Force. They are trained to sense the truth when it is presented, although that is complicated by the fact that a witness's "truth" is what that witness considers true; it is when conflicting "truths" are provided that a Judge or Solicitor really goes to work.


The Order of Solicitors is loyal to

  1. What is Right within the Law
  2. the Emperor of the Tapani Imperium
and that's it.


The Order's members have titles, rather than ranks, to emphasize their position as a civilian body who believe that no one person is above nor below the Law.

Government, Law Enforcement
Solicitor or Judge
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Author's Notes

The Order of Solicitors is our combination of Judge Dredd, Babylon 5, a touch of the Green Lantern Corps, and the City Watch of Ankh-Morpork in Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld collection. The adventuring party has never yet let the political storylines get so bananas that the GM would walk "Samuel Vimes with a Lawgiver and a Lantern" into the scene.

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