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The position of "Solicitor" is loosely based on the "Imperial Auditor" concept created by Lois McMaster Bujold
and is used in homage. No infringement is intended or implied.

Our thanks to the kind folks at Vorkosigan Wiki for the collated info from the original books which we adapted into our setting.
A Solicitor is assigned to oversee the Order of Solicitors in a District, such as Solicitor Catherine Sakai overseeing the Procopian Shipping Lane in the name of Count Gregor Vortapani (in this instance, legally a separate person from Emperor Gregor; the Procopian Shipping Lane is one of Gregor's "Districts" because its navbuoys must be maintained by a unified system, rather than piecemeal by each Count whose territory it traverses).


An experienced, well-respected Judge who has served the Order of Solicitors for at least eight standard years might be eligible to become a Solicitor. If they have not already earned at least one magister or doctorate degree in law, that will be necessary before they take the formal examinations.


The eligible candidate to become a Solicitor may be Tapani, Low Vor, or High Vor in their ethnicity of origin, but they must be native to the Tapani Sector (including Freeworlds Territory and Procopia System areas as well as the Provinces). Any oaths they may have to persons, organizations, or offices other than the Emperor and the Order of Solicitors itself must officially be dormant, suspended for as long as the individual is an active member of the Order.
A Solicitor cannot preside over judicial matters in their District of origin, nor in any District considered to be a direct political rival for said District of origin. In practice, most Solicitors working in Melantha Province tend to be from the Freeworlds Territory or from House Vorbarnaba families, because everyone else in the Tapani Imperium is usually in some sort of argument with the Vor representatives of House Vormelantha.
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