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Freeworlds Territory

The Freeworlds Territory contains:

  • most of the Shapani Bypass, which means most of its access to the bacta trade.
  • Mrlsst and its famous, prestigious University.
  • Fondor.
  • several key shipyards, historically speaking; while almost all of them were destroyed in recent wars, a few are already rebuilding.
  • the League of Tapani Freeworlds as its form of provincial government.
  • the United Confederation of Peacekeepers ... or, anyway, what's left of the shouty bastards.


The Freeworlds Territory is the rimward area of the Tapani Sector closest to the intersection of the Shapani Bypass and the Procopian Shipping Lane, therefore containing 2 of the three1 hyperlane routes into and out of the sector: out to the Rimma Trade Route, or along the Shapani Bypass to Thyferra. 3

Natural Resources

These worlds are generally rich in various ores, but are also considered "backwater planets" by high Tapani society.

1 publicly known 2

2 (but rumors persist of a back way, perhaps through the Shindra's Veil nebula

3 On the end opposite Thyferra, the Shapani Bypass passes through one stop in Achillea System - part of Cadriaan Province - before leaving the Tapani Sector entirely for the Vindalia system on its way to the Core.

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