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Low Vor

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Holopedia Galactica:


Low Vor is the culture of the lower-ranking members of the Tapani Sector "nobility" social caste. Their genetic lineage is loosely tracked by the Bene Gesserit as part of a historical collective record known as the "Landsraad". Some Low Vor families may be detailed in the Bene Gesserit archives back to their founding or the point where their House was demoted from "High Vor" levels of power. Other Low Vor families have spotty historic information, thus tending not to be selected within the Landsraad when a Bene Gesserit considers favorable matches for a marriageable parishioner. Individuals within the Low Vor ethnicity may be descended from non-inheriting branches of the High Vor line.


Notable ranks for Low Vor nobility include Baron, Baroness, Knight, and Dame. Each Low Vor family will have one of those ranks as an inheritable title. Other members of the barony families receive the courtesy address of Lord or Lady. Other members of the inherited knighthood receive the courtesy address of "Master" or "Mistress" but socially have no greater authority than a non-Vor Tapani citizen.


The Vor hypothetically have greater responsibilities to support the municipal well-being of the entire Tapani Imperium society. For this reason, young Low Vor are expected to enter municipal service during their first decade of physical adulthood. During peacetime, many Low Vor youths choose to involve themselves in municipal volunteer organizations which involve travel, so that they can tour the Sector under cover of "responsible Vorhood".

Naming Traditions

Family names

Vor_: Vorfalin, Vorjunak, Vorkerellin, and so on.

Major organizations


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