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"Landsraad" concept inspired by the political body in
Dune by Frank Herbert, published in 1965.
No infringement is intended or implied.
(Also, we did something deliberately odd with it.)

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Holopedia Galactica entry:

The Landsraad is the ancient record of noble lineages within the Tapani Sector as researched and documented by the Bene Gesserit Order. It traces the genetic and spiritual descent of political responsibility from the early days of the Twelve Kingdom Era.
While individuals are named and described, with life histories of varying detail, the bulk of each entry is a genetic map of the individual. Where possible, multiple genetic maps are included from key stages in the subject's lifetime. Every genetic map carries many annotations made by Bene Gesserit scholars over the centuries.
By tradition, the "spiritual successor" of the rulers of the Twelve Kingdoms is ratified by the Bene Gesserit Order when a provincial Heir is chosen, and again when the provincial High Lord or High Lady officially assumes their title. Genetic similarities to the original Monarch are highlighted as the proof of the new provincial leader's suitability regardless of mere biological descent. DNA
Within the Tapani Federation and now the Tapani Imperium, certain positions of authority can only be held by members of the correct noble lineage, as confirmed in the Landsraad.


Some historians criticize the validity of this record on the grounds that no researcher outside the Bene Gesserit Order is permitted direct access. Even laypersons of the Orange Catholic faith, or members of related orders such as the Order of Solicitors and the Adepta Sororitas, must pass their queries through a Bene Gesserit Sister who will operate the controls on the database but not permit the researcher to make contact with so much as the edges of the holoprojection.
Some historians criticize the validity of this record on the grounds that the Bene Gesserit Order was not known to exist before (at the earliest) approximately 5450 on the Tapani calendar, which is seven decades after the end of the Twelve Kingdoms Era.
The most common non-scholarly criticism, however, concerns the powerful position of the Landsraad as a foundational document for the Tapani Federation -- and, therefore, for the Tapani Imperium and the Alliance of Worlds. The Bene Gesserit presentation of the Orange Catholic religion is Humanocentric to the point of only calling the death of a Human "murder" or "sinful". Furthermore, it specifically proscribes advanced droid-like intelligence, which is often extended to include cyborgs. A somewhat martial culture such as the Tapani should more reasonably reject the idea that artificial body part replacement turns a war veteran from "person" to "thing". Yet the Landsraad excludes any individual known to have such a modification, plus any descendant whose inception was recorded after such a replacement surgery occurred.

The Genetic Index: Summary

According to the summary, three hundred forty-five distinct noble lineages are catalogued within the Landsraad. Of those, sixty noble Houses are High Vor dynasties descended from the rulers of the original Twelve Kingdoms.The remaining two hundred forty-five Houses are Low Vor lineages. Not all Landsraad lineages are human; not all existed simultaneously at any one point in time.
As of current writing, fifty-three High Vor and three hundred three Low Vor Houses are believed to have active representation within the Tapani Sector. Some of the individuals in question themselves dispute their alleged genetic kinship. Others agree to a likely connection, but may be contested on grounds of having unclear supporting documents -- especially if the individual in question is from Cadriaan Province.


DNA Or, indeed, mere species.

Record, Historical
Digital, Holographic

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Fun fact! If I'm doing my math correctly, then the Landsraad did not exist when Emperor Gregor and Imperial Princess Katianna were just starting their educations.

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Your point being?

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I don't think this is how eligibility for government power was intended by their great-grandfather to work.
I'mma ask 'em!

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