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House Vorfalin

First campaign reference: Shards of Honor 16.0 "The Jedi Citadel"

VNY's notes:

Originally the resident lords of Asanti. Feyd and a batch of Imperials showed up one day to visit the sunken temple in the Great Ravine; Feyd wiped House Vorfalin out so he could "legally" claim the planet as an Imperial Protectorate.
Then he discovered, the hard way, that something in the sunken Temple was perfectly willing to eat him whole.
Feyd wound up calling in an emergency airlift within the Great Ravine, and declare the whole place quarantined until Palpatine himself might have a chance to straighten it out. Which, I deduce, he never did.
Do not ask Nariel Falin about any of this, if you value your ability to keep your landing gear. She would be justified in confiscating it from callous jerks, and she has the authority to do so.
- database entry updated Harvest Day


1) Baron or Baroness (titular head of House. Fealty sworn to Emperor Gregor Vortapani through Countess Kaya Vorbarnaba and seconded to High Lady Varin Vorarabella.)


2) Baron or Baroness (spouse/partner of titular head of house, usually non-inheriting but possessing specific responsibilities and authorities in support of the head of House. Fealty sworn to Emperor Gregor Vortapani through Countess Kaya Vorbarnaba and seconded to High Lady Varin Vorarabella.)


3) Lord or Lady (officially designated Heir of titular head, often serves as Baron's Voice either in regional administration or as a witness in the Council of Counts while the titular head is occupied elsewhere. Fealty sworn to Emperor Gregor Vortapani through the Baron leading this Low Vor House and seconded to High Lady Varin Vorarabella.)


4) other members of Vor House, related or married in or adopted, swearing fealty to Emperor Gregor Vortapani directly through their Baron or Baroness. Many members of this House are likely to be hereditary knights, addressed as "Sir" or "Dame". Some may be non-hereditary petty knights, also addressed as "Sir" or "Dame".


5) senior Armsmen, especially those who have been Armsmen of this particular House for 20+ standard years, swearing fealty to a specific member of the House who in turn swears fealty in an unbroken chain up to Emperor Gregor Vortapani. A Low Vor House is unlikely to have more than five Armsmen, and these may be veterans of service to a High Vor House on their path toward full retirement.


House Vorfalin oversaw most of the Kipel's Star system, with individual features being the responsibility of a specific {Lord/Lady/Knight} member of the extended family. Baron or Baroness Vorfalin and their direct Heir owned and managed Asanti, supervised the agricultural collective in its business negotiations, maintained and scheduled the larger pieces of equipment needed during specific points of the agricultural cycle (tilling and seeding equipment, nontoxic pest deterrent, harvesting equipment), and took care of security measures to keep the jungle from invading farms (and farms from invading the jungle!).


Murdered by Darth Feyd as part of a land grab in 12721.
Dissolution Date
Geopolitical, Barony
Parent Organization
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