Star wars: shards The Jedi Citadel

The Jedi Citadel


Harvest Day 12722

Most folks would stay AWAY from a sunken ruin that dates back to the Sith War. But then, Themian Vorhejeron has already established his lack of prudence when he sees an opportunity to hunt something large, rare, and extremely dangerous. On the planet Asanti in the Kipel's Star system, crops, man-eating plants, and cromas beasts all come in "Supersize".

Tsu Vorboccioni and Yeager Lexics team up to buy a freaking RAIL GUN.


Twig people: possibly the children of the "puzzle tree". They climb walls, they carry unconscious drop marines around, they vanished when the puzzle tree came apart.


Jedi Master Groma: definitely dead, Twi'lek master of the temple on Asanti during the time of the Sith War; he dispatched Sith Lord Errol Vondromas with the latter's own lightsaber. Vondromas' death throes sank the place into the ground, killing most of the Sith and Jedi army that battled there.


((This is the one with the swarms of little plant people that would grab a PC and carry them around, where Danar wound up bouncing and sliding around in the bubble of his shield belt, where Force ghosts of an ancient Jedi and an ancient Sith Lord were refighting the battle.))

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