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Themian Vorhejeron

Huntsman, and all around egotistical pain in the Vor.

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 1.0 "Blood Inheritance"

Lord Themian Vorhejeron

VNY's notes:

Uncle of current Baron Vorhejeron, he likes to hunt big & rare critters, and has neither common sense nor a decent grip on his temper. Ask about the featherclub duel. And then run. Hee!
- database entry updated Datunda
29 Kelona

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Davish Tam research summary:

Last known to have taken up with a group that kidnapped Jaster Fett, the only son of Spar and Asajj Ventress: the closest that the Mandolorians have to a ‘ruling family’. However, information provided to the parents enabled them to get their son back.
Themian’s current whereabouts are unknown. However, he exhibited Sith abilities in his attack on Yeager Lexics during the attempted {murder on Themian's part/rescue on Yeager's part} of Taun We in the Crella System during the Cry Havoc adventure.
- database entry updated Katunda
22 Elona

Personality Characteristics


Sergeant Brutto:

If this guy ever saw the Disney movie with that "Gaston" character, he would probably go punch the playwright. For portraying Gaston as less than the pinnacle of existence.

- 5 Relona 12722

Vices & Personality flaws

Easily angered, easily tricked, easily distracted by a hypothetical opportunity to kill some "beast".


Family Ties

Neutral Arrogant
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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