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Taun We

Kaminoan medic

Doctor Taun We (a.k.a. "Mom" (according to some TCs))

VNY's notes:

Planetary black sheep, she's one of two Kaminoans who didn't agree with the rest of the Kaminoans regarding treatment of clones. She stumbled across some information that she smuggled to Master Sela Venn, in whom she confided a desire to reverse the clones' accelerated aging process, provide heavily injured clones a life in retirement. The crew of Master Venn's convoy were the first clones treated by this method.


Family Ties


Courteous, kind, gentle, and graceful, a creature of love and light.
black with gray irises
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pearlescent white
7' or 2.13 meters
Other Affiliations


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