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Ellaine Vorhejeron

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 1.0 "Blood Inheritance"
Last campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 43.0 "Crime and Punishment"

Lady Ellaine Vorhejeron

Mental characteristics

Personal history

VNY's notes:

For several years she stayed at Palpatine's court, one of his mandatory "guests" (read: hostages) demanded from every politically important Tapani noble house. Then Palpatine started allowing this one to visit home, without requiring a replacement "guest" during her absence.
On one of these visits, she ensorcelled her uncle Themian, then assassinated her father, all with the expectation that she'd control the Barony for Palpatine. But her father was strong in the Force, sensed trouble coming, and arranged a kink in his unnamed slayer's plan.
She made Big Trouble for Moose and Squirrel off and on throughout the Long Night and during the early stages of the Tapani Civil War, but her inability to pick a sensible employer with a sensible plan eventually landed her in prison aboard the Nocturne.
Where she got possessed by Matres Merglin.
I thought that was strictly a Jedi Quest thing. Guess not!
Anyway, she got a whupping from Captain Eleni Benacor and went back to a better-built cell in the Nocturne. As far as I know, she's there still.
- database entry updated Katunda
7 Yelona


Family Ties

Religious Views

But what about me???!
Bratty Side of the Force
Current Residence
High Vor wing, Force User cell block, Nocturne
bright blue
blonde and perfect


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